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If you can't decide among the 800 labels available, Silvia Alberto and Lorenzo will help you pick the best wine according to your taste.

Bicerìn is the fine example of how friendship can be the foundation for a big and deserved success! Let’s face it. In Milan, wine bars are being opened at the same speed at which mushrooms spring up during the hot and humid months, even in the park near my house.

We weren’t exactly feeling the need for it, you might think. But once you’ll go in, you’ll understand that, yes, a place like this was missing! The location is furnished just like the living room of a beautiful home, a little bohemian. The setting is warm, in décor and colours. Refined. Velvety. Laid back. The only seating options are in fact small armchairs or couches. There are no chairs, except for the ones that surround the big table in the “Library” area. The owners are three friends, very tight-knit and knowledgeable. Silvia, Alberto and Lorenzo, who all have previous professional experience in other fields, have turned their passion for beautiful, good things and wine, into a mixture of love and originality.

The wine selection is very vast: in the beautiful “Wine’s library”, next to the “Wine room”, there are no less than 800 labels. Most of them are natural and produced by small and sophisticated winemakers. Anything but common, Bicerìn’s selection can take by surprise even the most passionate enthusiasts! Silvia, Alberto and Lorenzo will guide you in picking the glass or bottle of wine that’s right for you.

The space is open from the morning, as a wine shop. If you work in the area, you could pass by during your lunch break and buy a bottle to go, or you could stay for a “bicerìn” (small glass of wine) after work and relax sipping “orange wine”, of which they are passionate enthusiasts (like me). The aperitivo is accompanied by small delicacies that get served with the first glass. But if you would like to dine, there are many dishes that will delight you.

Believe me, being a Cancer, I live by my sixth sense and by first impressions. The first time I’ve been here, one night that my outfit was matching with a nice red armchair (I could have blended in with the furnishings if it weren’t for the glass that was constantly going up and down from the table), was fatal: I felt at once the spark that ignited the alchemy. I like it all. Especially the ideas they keep coming out with to liven up the evenings and engage with their guests.

So…Don’t miss it! And if “in vino veritas”, you can definitely bet on rare and sophisticated wine!

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