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The best wine bars of Milan for a tasty aperitivo

The wine cellars which are must tries for their originality and uniqueness

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Talking about the tradition of drinking in Milan, there is nothing more autochthonous than sitting at the table of a wine bar with a drink, in a good company and with some appetizers for an aperitif. The first “trani”, that is, osterias, which in the late 19th century in our city were places of rest with “no frills”, where people were playing cards and drinking wine. The latter, very strong, came mostly from Puglia. Hence the name: Trani. Today “trani” are replaced by wineries. Often they are wine shops with consumption. Places where you can relax for an aperitif during the day, for a meeting before dinner or for one more glass at the end of the night.

We have selected for you the wine-cellars, which, in our opinion, should be tried at least once for their originality and uniqueness. Many of these use Coravin™, a technology that allows pouring wine from the bottle without having to remove the cork, penetrating it with a needle to prevent any interaction with air. This implies that even very rare and expensive bottles can be tasted by the glass, without the contents of the bottle being subject to oxidization.


Piazza Giuseppe Missori, 3

Top Mi


With its selection of excellences, Top Missori has managed to win over even the most recalcitrant Milanese to choose for the aperitif a place that is very close to the Duomo. Farewell to the prejudices about the supposed tourist trap that would be the down town. Thanks to a pleasant and welcoming environment, to a high level cuisine and more than 500 carefully selected labels, Top Missori changed the game. Here, the aperitif turns into a parenthesis of peace and pleasure that you can season with fine Champagnes and wines of the Italian tradition, among which there are also famous vintages and niche names for connoisseurs.


Via Panfilo Castaldi, 24

Bicerìn Milano


A wine lounge – this is a nickname we could give to this beautiful venue opened a couple of years ago in the Porta Venezia area by three very passionate and inspiring friends. Furnished as a cozy bohemian home, the environment is warm, sophisticated, velvety and relaxed. You stretch in a comfortable armchair or a sofa – there are no chairs, except around the large table in the “library” area. There are about 800 labels on the shelves, the result of a meticulous search and selection aimed at privileging small wineries rather than well-known names. Also, a small but fine selection of cold cuts, cheeses and some gourmet dishes will help you combat hunger.


Via Spontini ang. Piazzale Bacone

Le migliori enoteche di Milano per l'aperitivo | Vino al vino


Vino al Vino (which is also the title of a book by Mario Soldati, which I recommend reading!) is rustic style, warm, welcoming and embodies exactly the image that pops up in my head when I think of a winery. A place full of culture, where at the same time one feels genuinely well. There are more than 600 labels selected after a long time spent tasting and traveling. You can pick any bottle from the shelf, and if by any chance (and by mistake!) you can not finish it, of course, you can take it home with you. Great cold cuts and cheeses will complete your evening.


Via San Marco, 2 

N'Ombra de Vin


This is, without a doubt, the most appealing place when you think and talk about wine in Milan. Even sacred, if you consider its origins – it finds itself, in fact, in on the place of an old 16th-century refectory of the Augustinian monks. But it is also sacred for those who, like us, are looking for an unforgettable experience not to be forgotten thanks to the selection of wines and the quality of the menu offered. Whether you are passionate about wine, or about Milan’s nightlife, at N’Ombra (that’s what we call it in Milan) both reasons are excellent. Top quality, beautiful location. The only risk is not being able to limit yourself after stopping by just for one little glass!


Ripa di Porta ticinese, 93/B 



Born in 2012 as a winery with a small bookstore, Vinoir has exploded. In Milan, it is considered a wine house with the capital “W” when it comes to organic wines. Whether they are BIO-certified or not, doesn’t matter. Gianluca and Maddalena – the two owners – seek truth in wine: here you can find only and exclusively “true wines”, artisanal or, as they call them, “vinoir wines”. Many are macerated in the skin, some without sulfur addition, others are produced following biodynamic methods. The only common denominator is artisanal production. A bistro with a kitchen has been added to the store just over a month ago: the premises have been enlarged and renovated. Beautiful, essential and amazing. Authentic. Real. Simply Vinoir.


Via Vincenzo Monti, 33 

Le migliori enoteche di Milano per l'aperitivo | Ricerca vini


The name says it all: since 1948, this historic Milanese wine cellar, located in one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas of Milan, has offered its customers selection and quality in terms of wines and foods. A wine shop with an attached wine bar renovated in 2005, this is a temple of drinking well. The wine card is rich and constantly changing, the ambiance is wood-dominated, simple, and essential, and wine is always the protagonist. Outdoor seating is also available.


Via Paolo Sarpi, 30

Le migliori enoteche di Milano per l'aperitivo | Cantine Isola


Cantine Isola is truly an establishment in Milan. One of those places where you happen to be by chance and with which you remain fascinated ever since. The counter is ready and “set” to accompany aperitifs at all times … even in the morning at 10 am! At Cantine Isola you will find an informal, rustic and family environment, but with a selection of the best labels in the city. I advise you to go during the week, as during the weekend it’s packed and you risk not to enjoy your precious glass of wine.


Corso Genova, 19

Le migliori enoteche di Milano per l'aperitivo | La Coloniale


La Coloniale is an absolute must try: one of those places where the milanès (the Milanese dialect) is still spoken, and where friendships are made with the “sciuri” of the neighborhood as if we were in a bar downstairs under our apartment. Which in the end is the downstairs bar for many of them, some of a certain age, with experiences and anecdotes to tell and a strong desire to socialize. Wine is the undisputed master of this venue and is served from morning to evening. In addition to a rich selection featuring many world-renowned wine labels, you can also enjoy beers or cocktails. If you are shy, here you could open up. And if you do not, you will always find something to chew on.


Via San Faustino, 1 


In the Ortica district of Milan, La Sala Del Vino is a splendid wine bar with kitchen. Warm, characteristic and welcoming, the wine bar welcomes its guests in a modernized rustic environment, that combines the natural tones of wood with minimal, neo-industrial style furnishings. Sara, Francesco, Noemi and Carmine are ready to lead your way through a varied and fascinating world with over a thousand labels selected from small national and foreign productions. To enjoy the most of these delicious bottled products, La Sala del Vino also offers the possibility to order traditional Italian dishes or cold cuts and cheeses for a top quality aperitif.

Cover picture © Bicerìn

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