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The pronunciation is Carico, but it's written Cà-ri-co, and it stands for the multiple soul of a unique cocktail bar in the city.

Located in via Savona, Milan’s Design District, Cà-ri-co [Casual – Risto – Cocktail] has immediately distinguished itself for its formula, better defined as Casual drinking & dining. Despite being very young, Cà-ri-co has already been counted within the prestigious Best Discovery ranking of The World’s 50 Best, placed 78th in the TOP500 World’s Bar ranking in 2021 and was awarded by Gambero Rosso the title of Best Cocktail Bar of Italy for Lombardy. This place can offer innovative, inviting and, above all, high quality combinations. Hospitality is their workhorse, and this is not just an opinion!


Led with great passion by entrepreneurs Dom Carella (food & beverage consultant for different brands and projects in the field of hospitality and catering) Lorenzo Ferraboschi (startupper in Tech and distribution of Sake and Wagyu meat) and Andrea Bassi (creative director, marketing and communication expert), Cà-ri-co has invested everything on research and innovation. The kitchen is entrusted to the expert hands of Chef Leonardo D’Ingeo and the promising sous chef Giuseppe Cafò, while the absolute co-star, the bar counter, is the stage of Francesco Polo, Head bartender supported by supervisor Giacomo Scotti and his team.

Cà-ri-co’s team was able to build a destination with magnetic appeal, enriched by a casual and relaxed welcoming mood, never lacking sophistication and research. Every detail in fact is designed to immediately fascinate and slowly conquer the guest starting from the interior: the unique carpenter table dating back to the XIX Century and the bar, once a notary desk of the early ‘900, a true historical heirloom here reproposed as the fulcrum of the cocktail bistro. It is a small exciting universe capable of ensuring an experience involving sight and, above all, taste, thanks to the excellent drinks combined with delicious bites prepared in the kitchen day by day, depending on the availability of the best raw materials. A winning combination that leads to remain with the right indulgence and to return with an ever-lively curiosity.

Speaking of sight and taste, without neglecting senses such as smell and touch, Cà-ri-co, whose main objective is to surprise and entertain, has news in store for its guests, The Martini Room, the first room in Italy dedicated to Martini. A crescent moon-shaped table, only 7 seats and soft lights to enjoy the best of the bar’s food & beverage proposal, that you can access by reserving the room and choosing between 3 different ways to use your time: 30 minutes for an aperitif, 60 for a light dinner or 90 minutes for a complete experience. Whatever your choice, The Martini Room confirms style and personality of the restaurant allowing you to attend a real show of gestures during which you can sip signature Martini-based cocktails accompanied by tasty and refined dishes of the bistro. Cà-ri-co is not only a hypnotic reality that has several arrows in its bow to conquer the hearts (and palates) of those who choose it but also knows what it means to respect the environment and avoid waste.


Since originality, talent and quality are the fundamentals of every creation is not difficult for the bar to apply the philosophy of recycling: waste for the kitchen can be useful for the preparation of cocktails, and vice versa.

We’re talking about a local “Cà-ri-co” (“charged”) in inventiveness and charm to charm, be loved and above all to be remembered.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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