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Casa Mia’s cocktails at Milano White Spirits Festival

Piacere distillato da bere

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Is there anyone who remembers the closing of the last Milano White Spirits Festival, in February of last year? Already on that occasion Luigi Ferrario and Anahita Tokhmehchi, the two patrons of the Casa Mia Cocktail Bar & Bistrot, had dominated the scene from their dedicated corner, in the halls of the Marriott Hotel, where a thirsty crowd had gathered to ask more and more drinks. No one left without a glass in their hands, even those who thought the festival was too much of a specialist event, even those who were not big fans of white spirits.

White Spirit Festival - Milano

This is the beauty of the White Spirits Festival: its being a meeting point, a place to discover the most exciting novelties in terms of drinks and mixology and (why not?) to get yourself a culture if you are a connoisseur but not an insider. What are you going to find there? Very simple: two thousand labels of white spirits for tasting, including gin, mescal, rum, vodka and cachaca, along with producers and exhibitors from all over the world who will tell you the incredible story behind their product.


The festival will take place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of April, again at the Hotel Marriot and will go on from the afternoon until late evening. In addition to tastings and the opportunity to buy the bottles you prefer, there will also be the usual meetings and seminars to explore the vast world of white spirits far and wide. But there is also something else you cannot miss, an event inside the event that no mixology enthusiast can miss: at the corner of the Casa Mia Cocktail Bar & Bistrot, there will be the launch of the two new products of the famous vodka brand Belvedere.

White Spirit Festival - Milano

Two vodkas of the Belvedere Single Estate Rye line, named like this because they are both 100% made with rye grown, processed and distilled in situ, each in a single area of ​​Poland which, with its characteristics of climate and position, will influence the final product. Their names are inspired by these two areas, one in the north of the country and one in the south: the Belvedere Smogóry Forest and the Belvedere Lake Bartężek, and both will come to the public in the form of four exclusive cocktails.


Two of these will be signed by the Maison Belvedere itself, two strong drinks with strong flavors, called “Remember the Grain” and “Lake Blossom” and designed to bring out the best of flavors from these two vodkas respectively “of the forest” and “of the lake”. The other two, however, made with classic Belvedere vodka, will bring the signature of Casa Mia’s bartenders and will be softer and lighter, focusing on the processing and texturing of aromas. Their names will be “Ispirazione” and “Gimlet on the Roses”: the first uses the exotic notes of mango juice together with fig liqueur, while the latter adds to its flavors the spring tastes of cordial lime and elderflower liqueur.

White Spirits Festival - Milano

At some point the Festival will end, but not the party that, for those who want to continue drinking, will move to Porta Venezia, right at Casa Mia, where, beyond the two creations signed by the cocktail bar team, the drink proposal will multiply thanks to all the spectacular Signature Cocktails on the list. Better get ready to stay up all night, then, the weekend will be long and the only thing you’ll be able to remember in the end will be how good those drinks were.


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