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Ditta Raimondi di Pettinaroli

Una storia di carta fatta di encomiabile eleganza e tradizione

There are some places in Milan that are more than institutions, places that remain milestones of tradition and in which the generations follow each other by perpetrating habits that are not blurred by the passing of time but rather remain the best. One of the few places that can boast of the title of institution is undoubtedly the stationery and printing company Ditta Raimondi of Pettinaroli.

Ditta Raimondi di Pettinaroli - Milano

Born as L. Raimondi & Figlio in 1776, next to Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The main activity is to create letter papers and business cards. In 1913 the owners ceded the activity to Francesco Pettinaroli. During the Second World War both the main store of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and the secondary one of Corso Venezia, were damaged by bombs, but were reborn after the war, settling in the shop in Corso Venezia that still preserves the furnishings and historical decorations: the wooden counter , prints with city views and chandelier crystal chandeliers.

Ditta Raimondi di Pettinaroli - Milano

The company Raimondi of Pettinaroli still produces a special paper made with a secret formula that doses various shades of color. Its close relationship with the city is celebrated by the wording in its sign: “In Milan from 1776”. Opening the door, you are surrounded by an enveloping scent of wood, leather, paper, ink and tradition. Every need and desire of the customer is listened to, accepted and elaborated together with the aim of creating a unique creation.

Ditta Raimondi di Pettinaroli - Milano

The paper is manufactured in different weights which are then engraved and decorated by hand using artisanal techniques. The company boasts an archive of more than 22 thousand recordings made for their clientele as well as countless albums containing models of participation and greeting cards: scrolling through these albums is like spending a century of Milanese bourgeoisie.

Ditta Raimondi di Pettinaroli - Milano

The furniture around us exhibits a wide range of prints of the ‘700 and’ 800, watercolored by hand or in black and white, including etchings printed with copper and German prints with the name of the engraver of the time on the back. The depictions range from topographical maps to hunting or sports scenes, to pet dogs, and can even personalize wastepaper baskets.

Ditta Raimondi di Pettinaroli - Milano

Trust the Pettinaroli card. A card full of memorable moments such as invitations and participations in weddings, births, parties; magical places like the letterhead of residences and family homes, or the pride, expectation and sense of responsibility of a business card.

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