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Violette Milano

If it is true that our hands say a lot about us, it is essential we keep them impeccable: here is a place where this theme is taken very seriously

How many times have we resorted to an emergency session in the beauty center closer to home or the office to remedy chipped nail polish? Almost always. Sometimes, however, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to shelter us from the sound of car horns and streetcars, we deserve a moment of relaxation in a special place. Hoping to surround ourselves with solemn, thoughtful and excellently professional people.

Violette responds precisely to these characteristics and needs, and its name evokes memories, scents of soaps, aromas for the home, and flavors of sweets or infusions. This is not just any place: here no detail is left to chance. A refined space where the sign of tradition influences the detailed personalized treatments and selection of products.

Entering the store, you immediately understand that you have come to a place where each of us is meant to feel special. Helena, the owner, welcomes customers on time. After making you choose from over a hundred shades of polish by coolest brands – including certified organic and vegan options- she offers you violet tea. Next, you are motioned to sit down by the exposed brick decorated with vintage mirrors and dotted with contemporary industrial furnishing gems.

Since you are here, you absolutely must treat yourself to a pedicure: relax on comfortable, soft chairs in pastel shades as you are pampered by a treatment that stands out due to the absence of water and the use of tools with the diamond tip, which work in a more precise and harmonious way. There is also a Wellness area with a spa where you can indulge in beneficial treatments for the face and body.

Violette is a Milanese cosmopolitan reality, appreciated and well known to the international press and jet setters. Always found backstage during the most important fashion week shows. It is just like that spring flower, shy, small and heart-shaped: the quintessence of femininity. A place whose memory will remain indelible like the pleasant taste of violet candy – that doesn’t go away. We can follow literally the slogan written on the vintage mirror in this spa: “the really elegant lady… she goes to Violette.”

See you there!


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