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Emporio Armani Caffè e Ristorante

A celebration of Italian spirit from the first light of morning to nightfall

A breath of fresh air has entered Via Croce Rossa: after its first opening which was celebrated in 2000, the most popular convivial lounge in the city – Emporio Armani Caffè e Ristorante – welcomed its loyal audience with a new and sophisticated look, inspired by the historic relationship of love between King George and Milan, the “cradle city” of new trends.

Emporio Armani Caffe e Ristorante

A long-awaited evening opening that embraces the Milanese nightlife and a rich selection of activities dedicated to autumn in the name of Italianness – tasting evenings, live music with regional menus and the warm and intimate weekend brunch – will be the magic ingredients for your appointments with Milanese glamor allure.

Emporio Armani Caffe e Ristorante

If you were already a regular, your expectations will be exceeded: immerse yourself in the new fascinating atmosphere with all five senses. Thanks to a team of architects linked to the brand, the restaurant has been able to count on a rearrangement of the interior spaces, played on color palettes, patterns and materials in pure Armani style. The ground floor – enriched with a second dehors – is dedicated to daytime meals, freshly made pastries, both home-made and from the Armani / Dolci by Guido Gobino line, Sunday brunch and as an aperitif or after dinner: a tasting of small ad hoc tastings it is combined with an unprecedented drink list curated by bartender Mattia Pastori who, through refined aromas and alcoholic bases, traces a journey around the world among the fashion capitals: Milan, London, Paris, Dubai and New York.

Emporio Armani Caffe e Ristorante

A sinuous staircase on the shades of gold and dark green leads to the upper floor, where a “champagne bar” and a design room will host your lunches and dinners in the name of elegance, to be shared with fashionistas friends or your nearest and dearest . The menu, specially designed by Chef Ferdinando Palomba in collaboration with the owner, is an ode to the Italian table, with a tasting of five or eight courses or the option to choose from the menu: Lombard traditions, such as saffron risotto, are met with the fresh and citrusy scents of the South, in an explosion of taste for all the senses to be savored until the last taste.

Emporio Armani Caffe e Ristorante

Leave the perennial frenzy of Milan for a few hours and lose yourself in this charming place, where food and wine and cultural experiences mingle, from the first lights of the morning to the evening, in a continuum of flavors, colors and smells typical of the Mediterranean, much loved by Giorgio Armani.

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