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Cesare Cucchi – History of a Milanese patisserie

A documentary to celebrate one of the pillars of Milanese pastry-making

Eighty years have passed since the moment when the Milanese jet set met the Pasticceria Cucchi and fifteen since the patisserie has been declared an Historical Locale of Italy.

Pasticceria Cucchi | Cesare Cucchi al tavolino

This October 12th everyone’s invited to take part to an event dedicated to the city and its laboriousness. Circus photographic studios have produced a documentary dedicated to Cesare Cucchi and his many years of brilliant career. The “docufilm” will be the first of a series created by TAVOLA, to tell a story about Milan through the places and protagonists that have built its culture and identity.

Pasticceria Cucchi | Cesare Cucchi

When it first opened in 1936, under the leadership of Luigi and Vittorina Cucchi, the pastry shop became more and more a landmark of the Ticinese area thanks not only to the quality of its pastries, but also to its atmosphere. During the years of war, the venue was destroyed by a bombing and then rebuilt as we see it today. Nothing has changed: the furnishings are the same, the quality of the desserts is the same and also the property. Today the third generation of the Cucchi family keeps guiding the business. For the occasion the pastry-shop returns to be, like in the past, a cafè-chantant with live music performances  that will frame the projection of the documentary and the official greetings by city mayor Sala, who will be present along assessor Cristina Tajani and writers, chefs, sommeliers and food writers.

Pasticceria Cucchi | Baristi Antonio - Ronal - Cristiano

The documentary, entitled ‘Cesare Cucchi, a history of a Milanese pasicceria’, will tell about the evolution and the events of this historic shop not only through archive documents but also through the voices and faces of those who enter and work here, its most loyal clients who have happily visited the shop for years. The project dedicated to Cesare Cucchi is just the first planned by TAVOLA, part of an initiative that will continue to celebrate the city’s identity. Following a route that moves transversely between different art disciplines, touching the visual arts.

Pasticceria Cucchi | Pasticcere Lorenzo

TAVOLA aims to create a narrative of social storytelling, highlighting those businesses that not only successfully developed a project but passed it down and maintained over the years, to become an integral part of the city’s spirit.

Photo credit © Anna Tosatto

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