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Christmas holidays with CL – Chantelle Lingerie

Femininity and seduction combine for a sparkling Christmas story

Sparkling atmospheres, touches of light and color palettes that draw inspiration from the darkness of winter nights and warm and reassuring colors, all embracing the female figure between flowing fabric and iridescent shades. This is the wonderful dream told by CL – Chantelle Lingerie, which leads us towards that long-awaited Christmas atmosphere, and takes us to a brilliant Christmas Party, which is characterized by refinement and elegance, and is touched by a pinch of veiled feminine seduction. Golden Lights is a special story, made for us women who, in this hectic period of the year, between races for the last gift and the search for the perfect panettone, want to feel unique and special, and enhance our natural beauty.

Indulge in an exclusive pampering by entering this boutique, within the futuristic setting of the City Life Shopping District; fabrics and colors will envelop you in an intimate atmosphere, where you can rediscover femininity in pure Chantelle Lingerie style. As true queens of the evening, Golden Lights will accompany you on a delicate and seductive journey at the same time, where lace, velvet, satin and plissé mix with shades of brick and bright red, intense blue, bright yellow and pastel pink in a game of floral patterns and contrasting colors, for a romantic and daring expression of femininity.

Let yourself be inspired by the elegance of Passionata’s Hold Up bodysuit, where silk and lace trace the female body in a veil reminiscent of the winter sky, or explore the delicate embroidery of the Chantelle Belleville style, between floral inspirations and satin weaving. The sophisticated silhouette of Chantal Thomass’s Encens’Moi line will surprise you, thanks to the refined geometric patterns in the shades of the sky or the romantic pink lace outfit, marked by details in burnt earth satin.

Homewear and lifewear will dress your days with refined silky tops and kimonos, seductive lace nightgowns and soft palazzo pants, while an escape to the snowy peaks will have you wrapped in soft fur outerwear, designed by Passionata.

Imagine opening your eyes on Christmas morning wrapped in a shimmering cloud of soft fabric or waiting for Christmas Eve nestled in a romantic bodysuit of lace and white silk; whatever your Christmas Party-themed dream, Chantelle Lingerie’s Golden Lights will shine for you, transforming you into true queens of the party, in a perfect combination of femininity, seduction and refinement.


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