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From the “Mists” to the “Shadows” – Pourquoi Pas Lab

Francesca Meana's new paper creations

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We have often told you about the world of Pourquoi Pas and how its owner, Francesca Meana, manages, through her works and her installations, to lead us into dreamlike worlds inspired by the landscapes of nature thanks to her creativity and her talent in giving life to magical creations starting from paper, material from which she can shape anything: set-ups, packaging and wonderful stories.

Pourquoi Pas - Milano

At Pourquoi Pas Design, the exhibition space adjacent to Francesca’s forge where guests are welcomed, continues the exhibition inaugurated with the just finished spring. On the walls you can admire, however, some new entry, evolutions of a project in the mind of the paper designer for some years.

Pourquoi Pas - Milano

The “Mists“, backlit works that play with the layering of overlapping layers of paper inspired by naturalistic landscapes in which subjects, between flora and fauna, seem to emerge from the haze, give way to the “Shadows“.

Pourquoi Pas - Milano

Instead, these creations take advantage of paper and natural light. The drawing carved on paper produces its shadow on the wall on which it is exposed creating a vivid illusion of depth. The textures from which Francesca draws inspiration are always those of nature, which distinguish the whole corpus of his works: flowers, leaves, palms, woods …

Pourquoi Pas - Milano

The thick cardboard used for the realization gives concreteness and solidity to the images while the laser, cutting the paper, gives a color to the edges producing the effect of a thin panel. The “Shadows” are the evolution of a project that provided that these creations were placed in front of photographs, like frames.

Pourquoi Pas - Milano

Noting, however, that they had more impact if you simply approached the whiteness of the wall, decided to make them protagonists, changing direction to the project. The works will also be exhibited in September at the WOPART in Lugano: The exhibition of drawings, works on paper and photography.

Go visit Francesca in her creative forge to discover the world of paper design and get lost in her magical stories that come to life from paper.


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