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Graziano della Nebbia: nightlife and fashion shows

Dj of Armani/Privè club, animates the most exclusive fashion shows and parties. The ideals that guide Boggi Milano's research are intertwined in him.

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It’s difficult to talk about Milan, the most international city in Italy, without mentioning its nightlife: seductive and enveloping, it has an irresistible charm. The nights never end, as sunrises that can be seen from the terraces as you put your coat on to go home. In the capital, the people of the night are glamorous and cosmopolitan, but above all demanding. Graziano della Nebbia, Dj of Armani/Privé Club, interprets its moods and marks the movements as the fashion dj and sound designer most requested for parties and fashion shows. Animating the evenings of the best clubs in the world.

Graziano Della Nebbia: tra Nightlife e Sfilate

Graziano’s relationship with music is total. From the top of his console he enjoys a privileged view: he dominates the scene, observing the development of trends from above. He animates the dancing evenings in the capital in the same way he gets inspiration. He observed the sophisticated Milanese clubbers, understanding them and taking notes while the company is having fun, dancing to the tunes of his music.

This has made for unforgettable parties and fashion shows, because he feels an inseparable bond to the fashion world. His parterre is fashionable and elegant, as Milan, the capital of fashion, requires. If Graziano is so integrated into the nocturnal fabric of the capital, it is also due to his elegance. Representing contemporary stylistic ideals and sensitive various influences, every detail is taken care of, and expresses its personality in his style. This makes him an interpreter of the peculiar characteristics of Boggi Milano.

Graziano Della Nebbia: tra Nightlife e Sfilate

Founded in 1939, the brand blends with the Lombard capital. A clear aim: to accompany today’s gentlemen throughout every moment of the day from an early morning meeting to free time in the evening. An expression of the cosmopolitan lifestyle, Boggi Milano represents versatility, care for materials, unmistakable style. Fashion, like music, lives on trends, references the past and looks to the future: this is why Graziano della Nebbia is an emblem of Boggi Milan’s fashion concept.

What makes Graziano a DJ appreciated by the fashion world and the star system is his ability to understand the vibrations of the evening, giving them back in a musical key. The same happens when one turns to Boggi Milano for the purchase of a garment: the realm of personalization opens up, ranging from different styles and inspirations, to the possibility of using tailoring precision, thanks to the “tailored service “. Perfect for those who want a dress with a perfect, exclusive fit and a handmade façon.

Graziano Della Nebbia: tra Nightlife e Sfilate

The world of music and fashion are intertwined, and the scenario can only be Milan. The city where fashion is anticipated, trends are shaped and fashion is a state of mind that permeates every moment of life. Boggi Milano is chosen by those who demand the best in their wardrobe, which has been the case since 1939. From the years of the fedora to hyper-technological fabrics, it has remained an expression of masculine elegance, quality and constant renewal.


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