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Have you already tried the new Kilburn’s aperitif?

Non potrete più controllare il vostro appetito

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Seasons change, not habits. And if Milan during the spring is completely different from Milan during the winter, us Milanese always remain the same and continue to love our aperitifs, with the good and bad weather. Fortunately, our favorite bars work hard to make their proposals dynamic and update their menus to always give us some novelties to talk about. One of the best examples of this is Kilburn, in Porta Venezia.

I migliori aperitivi di Porta Venezia - Kilburn

If you don’t know it yet, especially after we have talked about it, catch up immediately and you’ll be amazed at the thought of what you’ve missed during all this time. For almost two years, Kilburn has been lighting up the days and nights of its neighborhood and, in addition to the wonderful cocktail list, of which we will soon see the summer version, the most recent novelty are the new tasting platters that accompany the aperitif.


The Kilburn aperitif platters are something special, so plentiful and tasty that you won’t stop eating. The idea behind them is very simple, actually. A cocktail of great quality must be combined with gourmet appetizers that are true gems of gastronomy, able to make us discover local Italian products of which we often don’t even suspect the existence.

Kilburn - Milano

With the arrival of summer, however, the proposals must change, adapting to the new weather and becoming lighter to face the heat. New gastronomic specialties, in short, and fresher flavors. And this renewal was, for the patron and mixologist Ennio, also an opportunity to return to its Campan origins, bringing to his bar all the world of fresh dairy products: morsels of buffalo mozzarella, smoked scamorza and delicious ricotta cheese.

Kilburn - Milano

Along with them, you’ll always find the cured meats platters. Ennio makes each variety arrive from its authentic area of ​​origin: the ham comes from San Marino, the coppa from Val Tidone and the bresaola, a masterpiece of Italian lightness, from Valtellina. It will be wonderful to order your cocktail and see the platters come to your tables loaded with these delicacies. And you’ll really want to try them all, right up to the last one.


Change is in the air in via Panfilo Castaldi and we advise you not to miss anything. When, during this spring, you’ll feel like having a drink different from all the others, Kilburn will take care of quenching your thirst and will also stimulate your appetite. Your new favorite aperitif is served!


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