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Idéal Cocktail Club

Not the usual gin

The Botanical has four venues now. The last arrived at the Longhin-Martelli house, is called the Idéal Cocktail Club, which already with its name celebrates the homonymous label of gin, Spleen et Idéal of their own creation. It was this duo, already owner of the two Botanical Clubs, the one in Isola and the one in Tortona (early witness to their intense passion for gin) and of the Champagne Socialist, to create this wonderful cocktail club for twenty people.

Ideal Cocktail Club - Milano

The tribute to Baudelaire and its Flowers of Evil, the aspiration to search for the “ideal” as an elevation to a higher intellectual, sensory and spiritual level can be felt into the eclecticism of the interiors: a space devoted to experimentation, dedicated to those who appreciate the fineness of curated details, and looks for a different environment than the usual.

Ideal Cocktail Club - Milano

The restaurant is located in via Salutati, a distinct area with few prestigious rooms. Here, Idéal stands out as an elegant and welcoming proposal, in the name of quality. The name of the bar derives from the gin that its two creators personally distill and is at the center of many of their mixology creations, the “Spleen & Idéal,” which gives a further personality imprint to the bar.

Ideal Cocktail Club - Milano

Starting at seven in the evening, Idéal offers quality cocktails with sought-after raw ingredients, and a very elaborate drink list that will please even the finest palate. The “Martini cocktail’s collection” is worth mentioning, a drink menu that will make the Martini lovers happy: twelve recipe variations of the famous cocktail that over time, will increase and evolve towards ever new results.

Ideal Cocktail Club - Milano
The soft lights of the location will envelop you and the never ordinary drink proposals will create an alchemy of other times while time slows down and the stress evaporates like alcohol in the glasses. If it’s true that the class isn’t like water, we start to believe that it’s like gin.

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