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Bomba Niko Romito

The good cuisine has come a long way

Lauded with 3 stars in Michelin Guide, 3 forks in Gambero Rosso Guide, 5 hats in Guide de L’Espresso and further awards including the 43rd place in the list of 50 World’s Best Restaurants in 2017: these are the numbers of Niko Romito, chef from Abruzzo, where the stylistic code uniquely combines the essential, the balance and taste. Now, a new format has arrived in Milan: Bomba.

Bomba Niko Romito - Milano

An eclectic chef and a brilliant entrepreneur, Niko Romito has set up an ecosystem of projects based on research, education and love for the good food. The last one, inaugurated in collaboration with Autogrill, is Bomba, an all-Italian street food that brings in a contemporary way a classic pastry food: the sweet bomb (or krapfen).

Bomba Niko Romito - Milano

The project revives a family tradition while maintains the authentic flavor of the rituals handed down from father to son. The meticulous study that characterizes the work of Romito, emerges in the innovations in the techniques of dough, leavening and frying that shape delicious and light results at the same time.

Bomba Niko Romito - Milano

The traditional bomb is kneaded without grease or other animal fats, but with olive oil and cocoa butter and is proposed, as well as in 6 sweet versionseven in 6 spectacular salty versions. Three “simple” bombs (Parma ham and stracchino – scarlet pine nuts, raisins and olives, tomato – buffalo, basil and cherry tomatoes) and three “gourmet” (beef and spinach – pork and mustard – chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise). Once you have tasted the first one, it’s impossible not giving up on the temptation to try all the variations. Personally, after diligently trying all the 6 proposals, I really loved the number two: bomb, escarole and fantasy! And there’s a wine associated to each proposal, a divine completion of an excellent experience.

Bomba Niko Romito - Milano

We are in the middle of the Milanese nightlife, behind Corso Como, in Piazza XXV Aprile 12. The flavor comes before the tasting: it is enough, in fact, just to get closer to feel the good smell of the “bombs” in the air.

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