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Marlà Pasticceria

Two names, one delight

Marlà is the latest hot spot in Porta Romana, a district in Milan that continues to grow and amaze. Start your day off right with excellent, soft brioches and pain au chocolat or indulge in an afternoon break with a cappuccino and delicious pastries.

Marlà Pasticceria - Milano

The environment plays its role, helping you to relax and recharge, and the owners Marco and Lavinia know this well, as they chose simple and elegant furniture in shades of gray to enhance the colors of pastries, cookies, and cakes impossible to resist. In sight is the large open bakery with spacious glass benches arranged in an orderly manner. Marlà, is simply a combination of the two owners names. Confirming the professional and romantic partnership the two share as a couple.

Marlà Pasticceria - Milano

Both confectioners, include excellent names such as Pasticceria Martesana, Ernst Knam and Philippe Conticini to ensure that professionalism, quality and courtesy are a guarantee from Marlà. In the kitchen, creativity is never lacking, whether it is sweet or savory. Marco and Lavinia are perfectly able to intrigue customers and satisfy them with delicious and unexpected treats. You can find cream brioches wherever but when have you ever had the chance to taste a cream pastry with Tahiti vanilla? Or a special “Cocco” in the heart of a sponge cake soaked in lime and passion fruit, exotic compote, chantilly with coconut and chocolate?

Marlà Pasticceria - Milano

Marlà, along with the name itself, is a fusion of several worlds. It’s a traditional pastry shop, a little innovative, a little Italian and a little French. Ideal for breakfasts, snacks and lunch breaks (yes, yes because it also offers savory alternatives) and perfect to indulge in delicious and relaxing moments. If you are ready for all this and you can not resist the temptations, no problem because the bakery is located in Corso Lodi, 15, Porta Romana area. One tip, this place is definitely not suitable for dieters!

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