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A party played on #carbs tunes for the fourth miscusi restaurant

An evening based on conviviality, good Italian cuisine and excellent music

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Take Italians favorite and place it in a familiar, welcoming environment, where you can feel at home. Add an artisanal pasta factory, where every day nine different types of pasta are produced in front of your eyes (this laboratory in on display thanks to big bright windows), scrupulously following Grandma’s recipes. Mix with the sauces we all love since childhood and a fast, attentive, never intrusive service, designed to satisfy those who want to get used to the rhythm of Milan, whether they like it or not. And the price range is more than honest. Here is the concept of miscusi, a real must in the city thanks to its now four restaurants in Cinque Giornate, Stazione Centrale, Isola and, breaking news, in Colonne.

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

On Friday 23rd November 2018, they inaugurated the fourth miscusi restaurant with an unforgettable #miscusibynight evening and a party where the sound of #carbs are played at their finest. Guest of honor? The pasta, ça va sans dire, that made this concept a big business within 20 months. The location, with 13 windows facing the street, can serve up to 142 seats and is now the largest restaurant of the group, and there’s no intention of slowing down this growth.

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

Founded by Alberto Cartasegna and Filippo Mottolese, the first Italian restaurant chain based on pasta was born with a very precise idea: to offer everyone the emotion of eating a homemade pasta dish as tradition dictates. And on Friday, in Via Urbano III, 3, we witnessed much more than this: a team of mothers who, throughout the evening from 7 p.m. to midnight, taught to guests the secrets of making pasta. Thus the midnight carbonara pasta raised the spirits together with the secret super host who made a live performance at the event: the Roman artist Carl Brave.

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

Music played a key role during this first #miscusibynight evening: the pasta warmed up the atmosphere while Carl Brave entertained the attendees. After dinner he met the winners of an Instagram contest launched by himself a few days earlier – these lucky fans had dinner at the table with Carl and listened to his new album through headphones. The other guests had still the pleasure to see him performing with the band on his top songs, starting with Chapeau“E sai che c’è? C’è che se non penso più a niente finisco a pensa’ sempre a te”. Everyone was singing at that moment.

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

The news are not yet over: the latest restaurant remains open until 2 a.m. on weekends (Friday and Saturday) and features a corner bar. The cocktails will be a pleasant start or continuation of the evening for the tireless ones, those who do not sit down or get up from the table without a spritz or a Negroni. All made exclusively with Italian distillates because at miscusi the Made in Italy is a trademark.

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

The rest you already know: at miscusi it is fun even to order your food. Choose the type of flour, pasta, sauce you prefer and you’re done. The options are evergreens and on the menu there are also some additions such as burrata, buffalo cream, sheep’s ricotta, pistachio cream, basil, nduja, walnuts, almonds and so forth. We want to highlight the introduction for the event of a new type of pasta of Ligurian origin, the corzetti: anciently they displayed the crest of noble families. On Friday, though, the “M” of miscusi was present, to affirm this new institution in town.

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

Make yourself comfortable, but not too much then. It seems in fact that very soon miscusi will open the fifth restaurant: it could be right in your area! Our mouths are already watering. #staytuned.


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