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Pasta in Milan: the best places

Pasta a Milano: i migliori indirizzi

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There are certain stereotypes about Italians we have come to terms with. Our gesticulation and passion makes us the object of lively discussions abroad. But let’s be honest. The element that most distinguishes us is certainly our good food, pasta most of all. Each region has one or more specialties that must be cooked with precise ingredients and preparation techniques.

Try to tell a Ligurian that pesto should be made without garlic. The outrage would be unbelievable! Or say that you like to add cream to carbonara. You will probably be accused of culinary heresy. In short, each region has its own typical dish and is very protective of it, but there is one food that we can all agree on, whether we decide to eat it in Veneto or the Marche or Calabria: pasta. According to some studies, in fact, 99% of Italians like it and 46% consume it daily.

We love carbohydrates. We are crazy about them! Whether they are accompanied by a simple tomato and basil sauce, a sauce with cheese and pepper or garlic, oil and chilli pepper, we would still eat them until we get sick. That’s why we offer you perfect options for enjoying a hot and steaming pasta dish, even in the gray working days of Milan.


Via Cesare Correnti, 28

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

Recently landed in the Milanese city from Hong Kong, where Marco Cattaneo had decided to bring his passion in 2013, Pausa – Your Italian Break is the perfect place to enjoy a good plate of fresh pasta. Available in different formats, long, short or filled, you can combine it with simple or more elaborate sauces. Enjoy an Italian specialty in a decidedly international environment. Or, consume it at home with the takeaway option. Additionally, the bistro also offers Roman-style pizza and espresso ice cream, which is lighter and more digestible. What are you waiting for?


Via Caminadella, 21

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

Zibo was born on wheels. The idea was to focus on traditional Italian recipes adapted to the needs of street food (the first courses were “ravioli” because they were quick and easy to cook and eat). But after two years of cooking on the road, the two ambitious itinerant cooks gave life to their “base camp,” keeping those ravioli that had been so successful as a main course. Mindful of their experience on the road, they brought the homely and simple atmosphere straight to the new tavern.


Via Filippo Turati, 30

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

Since 2008, Biancolatte has never ceased to satisfy our palates with sweet and savory delights. Whether it’s a croissant for breakfast, a plate of pasta for lunch or a slice of cake as an afternoon snack, it will never disappoint you. After enjoying specialties such as tomato paccheri, basil cream trofie and homemade gnocchi, take a few minutes at the shopping corner inside the restaurant, where you will find artisanal products. It’s the perfect way to bring a piece of Biancolatte home with you!


Via Lecco, 18

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

If you find yourself near Porta Venezia and are suddenly seized with hunger pangs, it is worth taking a trip to Platina. The restaurant includes a pasta factory, in which pasta of all shapes and sizes is produced every morning. What better way to spend a lunch break than by enjoying a dish of the best pasta, prepared with care and passion?


Via Melzo, 2

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

Founded in 1969 by Mrs. Mariarosa Brambilla, the bistro Pasta Fresca Brambilla is now entrusted to her daughter, Stefania, and continues to have great success. You can take home all the fresh pasta you want or stop for a relaxing lunch, based, of course, on a hearty plate of pasta. There are many varieties and the flavor and consistency of what you eat will certainly bring to light old memories of Sundays spent with family.


Via Pompeo Litta, 6

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

Everyone, at least once, will have to experience the thrill of tasting the excellent homemade pasta from Miscusi. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you missed! Do you fancy a good plate of spaghetti carbonara? Or do you prefer smaller pasta? Maybe with a simple Bolognese sauce or a gricia sauce. Here all combinations are possible. It depends only on your personal tastes and mood. Ordering becomes fun in what has become a real staple in Milan!


Via dei Fabbri, 1

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

Who among us has not wanted, at least once in a lifetime, to go to the heart of Rome, just for a plate of bucatini amatriciana, or the famous lamb? Thanks to Rugantino and his Roman soul, you no longer need to pray for the invention of teleportation. At this restaurant, you will discover that there is a corner of Rome right in Milan.


Via Bartolomeo Eustachi, 38

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

The name fits perfectly. It is a real pasta boutique (everything is handcrafted on site) where quality means everything. The kitchen, in which the chef lovingly prepares Roman specialties and beyond, is open and overlooks a small but welcoming environment. Among amatriciana paccheri, duck tortelli and braised ravioli, you will be spoiled for choice. Here, you can decide whether to eat at the counter or buy fresh pasta to cook at home as you like!


Via Bernardino Corio, 8

Pasta a milano i migliori indirizzi

The protagonists of this small restaurant are undoubtedly the carbohydrates, our best friends. The homemade bread with sourdough and fresh pasta made on site reign as the king and queen of this intimate venue with wooden furnishings, ready to welcome you at any time of the day. Friendliness, simplicity and eco-sustainability are the keywords to describe Pastamadre (the false ceiling is inspired by an eco-compatible design). What matters here is the substance of the kitchen and the authenticity of the food.

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