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Mobility Dog Park

A gym for our four-legged friends

Let’s face it, we all like to get out of work or get up on Sunday mornings and expel stress and tiredness with a bit of physical activity. We go running, or working out in the gym, or jogging at Parco Sempione and then, straight back home. And maybe at home there’s it: our four-legged friend that explodes with happiness when we cross the threshold making us understand that it wants to go out to stretch its legs just like its master, after waiting anxiously for an entire day lying down in the living room. That’s what Mobility Dog Park is for.

Mobility Dog Park - Milano

Cerainly after a day of work guarding his “mansion” it deserves a bit of fun. Finally in Milan there is a place created specifically for our dogs. Say goodbye to the boring solitary walks on the sidewalk under your house waiting for your dog to finish sniffing around. Thanks to the contribution of Amazon Eu Sarl and the Agiamo Association, this special park for dogs was created inside the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens, within the “Care and adopt public green” project, as a true open-air gym where our dogs can get rid of the stress and keep fit while their owners can meet and chat.

Mobility Dog Park - Milano

The Mobility Dog Park has been set up as a game-training course with seven facilities designed for the entertainment of our furry friends and to strengthen communication and collaboration between the dog and its owner. Not just a simple dog area but a real gym equipped with tunnels, ups and downs, balance boards, circles, obstacles and slalom stakes that will guarantee the fun of the animal and its owner. A place that will allow you to spend the beautiful Milanese days outdoors in the company of our four-legged friend in a fun, useful way while making friends with other owners.

Mobility Dog Park - Milano

Because you know that bringing your dog to the gardens is like bringing your child to the park, in the end you always socialize with other parents (and, among us, the singles who have a dog could take advantage to meet new interesting people).

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