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Nalu Yoga

Energy and balance in the center of Milan

A small corner of peace to a deepen knowledge of ourselves. Hereupon, there’s nothing more to say, in fact, you have to try to believe it. Nalu Yoga is an experience that must be done, without thinking too much, letting yourself flow by the guidance of one of the expert teachers.

Nalu Yoga - Milano

There is an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, from the wooden walls to the minimalist furnishing, Nalu Yoga promotes peace and calm thanks to its spaces that invite you to recreate the same place within your own mind. The delicate light, the intense perfumes and the muffled sounds make the environment perfect for the practice of yoga, which is practiced in its many forms. In fact, the center offers weekly lessons for everyone: from Vinyasa Flow, a fluid practice suitable for all the levels to Yin Yoga, a quiet practice focused on stretching. You can also opt for more intense practices such as Hatha Power and Ashtanga. There are also meditation classes, Yoga Nidra and Breathwork.

Nalu Yoga - Milano

Whether in the morning or in the evening, at the park or in the studio, the philosophy of Nalu Yoga is focusing on the individual and his search for the balance. Each practice allows a greater body and mind connection, getting into a new awareness, a sort of evolution of one’s physical and mental presence in the world.

Nalu Yoga - Milano

Even if it’s not so easy to accredit, we can assure you that since the beginning it brings significant benefits, and certainly the merit is also of the teachers. In collaboration with famous international guest teachers, they acclimate and follow the participants within this path through personalized suggestions and in-depth explanations. Nothing is left by chance, and Nalu Yoga is aware of a conscious practice that is not a merely just a physical exercise.

Nalu Yoga - Milano

Connection, symbiosis and balance. These are the watchwords that guide Nalu Yoga, even in the choice of material present in the center. Any object, from the mat to the bricks, from teas to perfumes, is highly eco-sustainable and a constant awareness-raising action is carried out by the studio through partnerships with non-profit organizations and the inclusion of “donation” lessons.

Nalu Yoga - Milano

All you have to do is take a look at the Nalu Yoga website, and choose the right lesson for you. You can book the free trial directly online. Check which workshops and special events are being planned. It seems that from 2019 they will launch the project Nalu Escapes, different from most of the yoga retreats, this escape proposes a new and fun way of traveling that combines yoga, surfing, nature and adventures. In May, for example, 4 days of yoga and surfing are being scheduled in Portugal. Looking forward to it!

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