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Osteria Manzoni

Brianza's tradition meets metropolitan refinement

Too often we think that outside the walls of the safe Milan the world ends, but everone ignores that only a few minutes away by car there are realities not only still unknown, but also surprising and of equal quality. In Brianza, for example, where the restaurant business is as serious as in Milan, there are places like the Osteria Manzoni that has little or nothing to envy to its Milanese cousins. Located in Barzago, about a 20 minute drive from the city, the Osteria Manzoni embodies all the tradition of the name that brings accompanied by a complete refinement, from dishes, to location and service.

Osteria Manzoni

Created to complement the already existing luxury B&B daMan, with the aim of offering customers a level of gastronomic choice, in just a few months the Osteria Manzoni has already proven to know its business very well. The young Florentine chef Francesco Cheloni will lead the kitchen, after the experience in the Michelin-starred Pomiroeu, and opens the doors to a local cuisine revisited with a touch of refinement, together with the advice and supervision of the Michelin-starred chef Mauro Elli from Il Cantuccio, for a result that is not only rich in quality but also in innovation.

Osteria Manzoni
The best aspect of this restaurant is its link with Brianza: every dish, from the creamy risotto to the taleggio with chicory and raspberries, to the egg cooked at low temperature with sauteed cicorino or casera fondue with the five-cereal croccante, brings with it the culture and respect of the territory, and is further enriched by the research of the chef, who proposes everything in a solid and creative, but above all Italian, menu. To reinforce the substance there’s the location, which seems rustic at first (the complex dates back to the early ‘800) but which is actually a jewel of design and modernity, which enhances the beauty of the place and its dishes.

Osteria Manzoni

The environment you will find is relaxing and welcoming at the same time and the menu is so complete that it satisfies the tastes of all the guests. But don’t think this is one of those homely restaurants you go to on Sundays, quite the contrary: Osteria Manzoni is a place of excellence and quality, where you come to escape from the Milanese routine, and not just for the typical lunch out of town, and to enjoy the goodness and the beauty of an area that promises great things for the future.

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