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The panini like no other in Milan

Genuine, fresh, and quick. But above all 100% Italian.

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For lunch, dinner, or in the afternoon a panini is always a good idea. It’s true that a sandwich is the easiest meal of all, but it’s also true that not everyone is content with a sandwich too simple. In Italy with all the raw materials and local products available, the bar for panini (and street food in general) has been raised to the level of art.

Milan has always been the capital of eating “on the go”: our lunch must be light, fast, but without compromising on taste. Panini is still a favorite choice, and there are enough kinds of it to satisfy every palate. Those which we like have something in common: strictly Made in Italy with great attention to ingredients, original in combinations and light, to get back to the office recharged and ready for work.

We picked the panini we prefer, which adhere to our strict requirements and satisfy our desire for variety and originality. Get ready to rediscover the joys of your lunch break!

PESCARIA – Via Nino Bonnet, 5

pescaria-gamberi-crudiPhoto credit © Pescaria

If you are tired of meat and its variations, head to a sea adventure with Pescaria, just a few blocks from Garibaldi. Its fish products are always excellent, fresh and selected daily. The same restaurant, with its delightful maritime theme, is an expression of the search for quality that never stops and follows in the footsteps of the first historic shop in Polignano a Mare, just a stone’s throw from the famous local beach. Since its inauguration, Pescaria has become a benchmark for sea-inspired street food.

TOASTERIA ITALIANA – Piazza Argentina, 1

Toasteria Italiana
Checkered floor, American diner seats and huge Botticelli paintings on the walls. Already at the entrance, you breathe the atmosphere of Italianity that is revisited, fresh and modern. Italian gastronomy is celebrated in every detail: from the menu, where the names of the dishes are those of the most famous cities, to the ingredients used – all 100% Made in Italy. The classic toast becomes a game of gourmandise: excellence and simplicity are the official motto of this restaurant.

FLOWER BURGER – Viale Vittorio Veneto, 10

One of the diamonds of vegan gastronomy in the city. Even if you are not vegan, try one of its amazing dishes at least once. Everything you find on your plate is handmade, from bread to patties and side dishes. Their most famous bread is the kind with black coal, that, vegan or not, will have you head over heels in love. The colorful and vaguely 70’s atmosphere will relax you beyond any measure. An absolute must try.