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Pavé Birra

Pavé's "rebellious little brother" welcomes the whole neighborhood with exceptional selections and the unmistakable smile of an ever-widening family

We know well the Pavé guys: we loved them first with their bistrot in via Casati, then with their second endeavour, Break in the Crocetta area, followed by the success of Pavé Gelati and Granite. The unmistakable signature of Pavé is the combination of superlative products, cheerful and thoughtful service. The atmosphere is done in a style suspended halfway between the Scandinavian capitals and a Pantone of pastel colors. They have kept us company for just over a year now, even accompanying us during the evenings thanks to Pavé Birra, which full reflection of the style we have come to love.

Pavè Birra - Milano

Pavé Birra is located right in front of the first restaurant, between Porta Venezia and Republicca. This is convenient because once Pavé closes we simply cross the street and continue our conversations until the early evening  hours. The queen is, as it is easy to guess, the beer, the nectar of the gods and the most trendy choice of recent times for the aperitif and after dinner (did you know that last year in Italy we each drank more than 30 liters?).

Pavè Birra - Milano

The tap has twelve beers in rotation as well as a variety of national and international selections. The twelve beers are designed by WAR- We Are Rising, a craft brewery just outside Milan. The infallible Pavé kitchen prepares hot dogs unlike anything else you’ve seen before, with special meats and surprising toppings along with nacho bowls to split amongst the table. All of the products are extremely well-kept, with a story behind each selection. If you’re tired of the hordes of improvised beer connoisseurs, don’t worry. You will find a completely different atmosphere here.

Pavè Birra - Milano

The guys at the counter, in fact, will be more than happy to assist you. Telling you everything you need to know in order to better appreciate your choice, always advising you with a smile. If you look around, you will notice the environment around you is bright and welcoming, made of light woods, pastel colors and plants. The textbook definition of a “neighborhood”, as it is admittedly written on the walls. Complete with a few frills, lots of sincerity, frequent events (even sports!), music and table sharing.

Pavè Birra - Milano

Mrs. Lina has lived in Pavé’s building for fifty years. Occasionally passing by, the boys decided to dedicate a Pils in her honor, produced exclusively for Pavé Birra. Just like her, it has become a legend. Neighborhood beer, yes, but exceptional.

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