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Pure Wellness

Programmi “su misura” per ottenere la forma che avete sempre sognato

Summer is coming and, let’s face it, how many of us are ready to face the fateful swimsuit season? But above all, how many of us feel good about ourselves and believe we respect our bodies? Sometimes going to the gym is not enough, it takes an extra boost to take back your life, and Pure Wellness is the solution for all those who seek a state of complete well-being.

Pure Wellness - Milano

In the heart of Milan, just behind San Babila, there’s the first and only Personal Training Studio, where the customers’ health is always at the first place. Thanks to a team of experts and specialists, including physiotherapists, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiologists and personal trainers, each program is elaborated and “tailored” according to the needs of the customer. There’s not a subscription, but packages of accesses, always programmed according to the objectives to be achieved. For those who prefer to have a personal trainer, Pure Wellness will be a revolution that will make you save a lot every a month, gaining in exchange an excellent service that will make you feel like real athletes in no time. “Everything is possible” is their motto and if you really, firmly believe in it, you will be able to achieve the results you have always dreamed of.

Pure Wellness - Milano

The secret of Pure Wellness is the use of a scientific method that makes it possible to evaluate the right path to follow on a case-by-case basis, both in terms of training and proper nutrition. The first step is the physiological “In-Body” test of body composition, which serves to make an exact and numerical assessment of the initial health status and the fat-muscle ratio. This is followed by a technical examination to evaluate the body mobility on a 0-3 scale through different exercises, which help to position the profile on the basis of a technical and objective criterion, and to understand the propensity to accidents possibly linked to a lack of elasticity.

Pure Wellness - Milano

DNA tests, massages, nutritional programs and specific sports are available at the center, whose goal is precisely to achieve “Total Wellness”. The admission price is 75 € per hour instead of the 50 € usually requested in the most popular gyms for an hour of personal and includes personalized training, use of facilities (two changing rooms that accommodate up to two people with shower, lockers, towels and flip-flops), snacks for when you have low blood sugar and penty of water. Getting back in shape in no time is possible… what are you waiting for?

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