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Running Clubs in Milan

Running is even better when you share those kilometers

Running clubs are winning over more and more followers in Milan. From early morning until after sunset, there are many runners, of all levels, challenging their mind and body on the streets of the city. While running alone can be a good form of meditation, running in groups is a great way to become part of a real social community. Share the effort and the satisfaction that you get from running, and have something that urges you to get out and run, even when you don’t want to.

In Milan there are more and more groups of people meeting during the week and on weekends to train in parks or on the city streets. For those who happen to work in the city, here’s a reference point to find the right training group for you.


Nike Run Club

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One of the first running clubs to form in Milan five years ago, Nike has recently renewed its format. It provides a series of fixed dates throughout the year in addition to special events led y some of world’s best athletics runners.


Adidas Run Club

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Last year, Adidas moved in on Nike’s territory, setting up fixtures that start at the Adidas RunBase in Corso Sempione and run throughout the week.


Urban Runners

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“Your goal is our goal”. Under this motto, Urban Runner has been hitting the streets of Milan, knocking up the km’s and reaching more and more locations. Urban Runner trains every week and prepares competitions during the racing season. They have an ideal crew for never feeling alone, even if you’re seeking to achieve very specific fitness objectives.


Running Shoe

You can’t miss this outdoor sports center, only a short walk from the centre of town, with beach volleyball and football facilities. Twice a week, a diverse group of runners meet either at Montanelli Gardens or Parco Sempione. This started as an integrated running club where able bodied runners would run with the physically impaired.


Women In Run

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This group for women is well known around Milan for its pink crew. A network of female runners supports eliminating violence against women. The project was created to provide security to all of those who love to run and want to do it outdoors. Under the guidance of coach Roberto Nava, every woman knows she is welcome.



This crew started by AlmostThere welcomes those who want to start running and want to take the safe and correct steps in the right direction. Under the guidance and experience of Danilo Goffi, and Olympic and European champion athlete, you will overcome your limitations and enhance your technical skills.

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