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Quattro Quarti Torte

Paradise, slice after slice

Cakes and cakes only. That could be our definition of happiness. Put aside the guilt and make room for Quattro Quarti Torte’s gourmand delicacies, savoring desserts that, slowly, bite after bite, bring us back in time: to the breakfasts and snacks we had as children or, now that we’ve grown up, to friend’s birthdays or sipping tea by the fireplace. And Quattro Quarti is the ideal place to travel back in time and space.

Quattro Quarti Torte - Milano

The place specializes in cakes. Upon entering, your glance is conquered by the huge line-up of cakestands on the counter, all covered in crystal cloches, under which lots of cakes peep out, different for shape, colors and textures. We raise our eyes and we are warmly greeted by Elena, the owner, who presents her project to us. Guided by her, we admire the visible kitchen behind the counter, the sight of which makes us look forward to the treats that we’ll be tasting after.

Quattro Quarti Torte - Milano

At Quattro Quarti, you can choose between twenty different handmade cakes everday, all made following artisanal, yet masterfully modernized recipes thanks to the balance of the various ingredients, which is perfect. All the ingredients have precise and essential features: they are genuine, natural, fresh and possibly local, personally selected with extreme care by Elena.

Quattro Quarti Torte - Milano

You can take away your slice, thanks to the packaging dedicated to transport and store it, or you could pick many different slices and compose your own cake (a true sin of gluttony), or you can choose to have the whole cake. A slice costs around 3,50 € or 4 €, depending on how elaborate it is.

Quattro Quarti Torte - Milano

If you have some free time for yourself, instead, you can stop here and enjoy your cake while you sip a nice tea, one of their special coffees or an organic juice. We try to focus and read the menu again without knowing what to decide: every line is too enticing and tempting. When we finally decide, the cloches are raised and we’re engulfed in the smell of butter, vanilla and sugar. It’s paradise. Put aside all of your guilt, then, and if having a slice feels too much like a sin of gluttony, remember that God forgives all.


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