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Say you’re sorry with the perfect date

How to say sorry in the best way? Treat her like a queen with our advices

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It’s happened, let’s be honest, you made a mistake and now your girl is mad at you. It may be for a good reason or for no reason at all but one thing is sure: apologies are in order. It’s necessary to always show a woman that you care about her. And what better way to do it if not with a day entirely devoted to you two, your relax and wellness and time spent together?

A romantic date can work miracles, solve conflicts and relight the passion. It may be difficult to plan but we of Flawless Milano are here, ready to give you all the intel you need. This is why we want to give you an idea of what may be an ideal date, something so perfect that your beloved won’t be able to do anything but forgive you.


Bloovery Milano
Let’s start with some nice flowers in the morning. Just imagine what beautiful surprise would be for her to receive at her office a fresh bouquet with yours “I love you”. For the composition of the bouquet and the delivery there’s just one service you can trust in 100%: Bloovery. If you book the delivery a day early, the flowers can be delivered to her even in the morning. There are twelve bouquet options, but if you’d like to give a really personal touch you can always request a customized composition just for you.

With Bloovery, then, all the organizing process will be at its simplest: you can do everything their online shop or via the chat-bot service on Facebook Messenger or in the of their official website. You can organize your surprise in no time and you’ll avoid every suspicious movement. Your girl will never saw the surprise coming. When she’ll receive her bouquet, she’ll be radiant (and you’ll have won the heart of her colleagues too).

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Terme di Kyoto - Milano
After the bouquet is delivered and the day’s mood is set, surprise her even more. Come pick her up at the end of her job, after a long and stressful day, and give her an afternoon of relax at Terme di Kyoto. This SPA is placed inside the Enterprise Hotel and is the perfect place to indulge yourselves a moment exclusively devoted to body wellness and total comfort. Sink in the hot tub enjoying the panoramic view on the whole town, have an aromatherapic steam room and complete everything with a light sushi appetizers before heading back home feeling like you’re born again.


La Tavola Della Felicità - Elisa Scala
Now you’re back home and you’ll be ready for a homely, quiet dinner. Just the two of you, some flowers and a pair of candles. Are you gonna cook? No, every moment of this evening must be totally devoted to your other half. What’s better than a personal chef that will think about everything instead of you, from grocery shopping to mise-en-place to the cleaning up?

The perfect service for this exigency is chef Elisa Scala’s Tavola della Felicità. Her chef-at-home service is something close to perfection. You can plan the menu with her, listening to all of her suggestions and proposals, you’ll set every detail up and then trust everything to her expertise, that will transform your table with a fine dining restaurant mise-en-place and, after, will clean everything up, leaving you all the time in the world to talk with your girl. At this point, her rage towards you should be more than extinguished.

When the table is finally cleared and the house is back to its peace, you’ll conclude the evening laying on the couch, cozy and warm. And after a treatment like this, if you have thoroughly followed our instructions, your girlfriend will realize she is a queen in your eyes. Les jeux sont faits: the let-off is guaranteed and night still young.

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