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Spring reborns at Pourquoi Pas Lab

An exhibition to explore the joy of spring

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Spring never comes back alone. With her arrives a new scent in the air, a different shade of daylight, an increasing vivid blue in the sky. We feel different as well: spring is a fresh start, an explosion of life: we feel a sense of openness, joy and hope. And those feelings are expressed by the exhibition Soft Scapes at Pourquoi Pas Lab.

Pourquoi Pas Milano - Photofestival

Five artists, five different types of works and a single theme: the enchantment of nature’s rebirth over spring and its ambiguity. A dialogue between nature and soul, opacity and transparency, vague dreams and hidden meanings. This dialogue will be explored through many facets, united by a sweet sense of indeterminacy.

Renato Luparia will present the “Soft Scapes”, photographs of suffused and blurred landscapes, where images transfigure landscapes into a place outside of this world. “Le Gioie” series by the Chinese artist Yinglu Chen is composed by abstract paintings describing interior landscapes, an opal and peaceful mood that well represents the joy of spring.


Pourquoi Pas Milano - Photofestival

Then follow the paper design works signed by Cristina Sammarco and Francesca Meana, owner of the Pourquoi Pas Lab. Cristina is an artist from Elba island and her works represent seascapes composed of painted sandpaper. The cropped paper paintings by Francesca Meano are instead dedicated to the meaning of flowers, which draw inspiration from several sources, from the poems of Neruda and Dickinson, to oriental and nineteenth-century traditions.

From the peony, which bears the message of “Happy Union” in the Chinese tradition, to the lily of the valley symbolizing the return of happiness for the French; from purity to the ecstatic reflections inspired by cherry blossoms; from the tulip, used in the East for declarations of love to the fidelity expressed by ivy and to the urgency of living of which hibiscus speaks. Each flower has a story and a message and Francesca’s paintings express these points.

Pourquoi Pas Milano - Photofestival

Thus, the artist Loris Ribolzi will present perhaps the most challenging works: wooden sculptures that will recreate, inside the gallery, surreal pine trees painted in blue whose trunks emerge stylized figures of women: these nymphs are mythological entities that animate the natural world. Surrounded by these works, you will see Pourquoi Pas Lab once again change its appearance, turning into an enchanted place, where the beauty of spring is express in a unique way.

Pourquoi Pas Milano - Photofestival

To complete the exhibition, which will be inaugurated on May 9th and will last until June 9th, a series of decoration courses will be held inside the gallery. The owner Francesca will teach the participants how to create beautiful paper flowers, while Rosa di Verdeidea will show instead how to make a perfect floral composition. So even those who never heard of paper design before can take home the outcome of their own creativity.

Pourquoi Pas Milano - Photofestival

They always work hard at Pouquoi Pas Lab to make artists and the audience interact. Especially when the purpose is to tell the beauty of spring from so many different angles and with the main intention of bringing a fragment of joy into everyone’s heart.


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