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The Spring Summer drink list of MAG Cafè

MAGnificent cocktail that make you want to travel

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As the first beautiful days start to warm up Milan, there are those of us already thinking, planning, or simply dreaming about the next holiday. We have already started to count the days separating us from vacation. Looking from week to week for the perfect departure date or indecisively waiting for someone else (friend or soulmate) to propose the perfect destination. Whether you are a bold planner or an incurable doubter, it doesn’t matter. Flavio Angiolillo and his crew will take you on a trip around the world, conquering everyday life and nostalgia for the summer with the new Spring/Summer drink list of MAG Cafè, with fresh ingredients and vibrant colors that will captivate your senses.

La drink list Primavera Estate del Mag Cafè - Milano

Browse through the paper menu, comfortably seated around one of the tables at the iconic Naviglio Grande bar, you will discover a sort of Mixology Bible that has the traditional flavors of 13 international cities. Each cocktail, accompanied by small gadgets, tells with taste the story about a destination that has been specifically chosen by the team members to tickle your imagination, acting as inspiration for your next tripThus, for example, after taking a sip from This is Nola, you find yourself surrounded by the famous New Orleans Hurricane, being swept away in a vortex made of hibiscus, passion fruit, pineapple, mango and lime. Mixed together with Bullet Rye, Bourbon and Bitter Violent, inevitably sending you overseas to America.

La drink list Primavera Estate del Mag Cafè - Milano

If France is your preferred destination, you have two possibilities: take a trip to one of its suggestive southern regions with a Perigord Negroni or land exclusively in the Capital of Love with a reinterpretation of the French 75; because Paris is not France.  Big space is reserved also to Italy, with other “potions”,  igniting the desire for a tour on the Amalfi coast, in the Maremma, among the Umbrian highlands up to the vineyards of Montefalco, or on the streets of Naples with a Mille Culure – which is culmination of citrus scents.

La drink list Primavera Estate del Mag Cafè - Milano

Those who love to share, on the other hand, find their happy place under the name of falešnÈ pivo and salam alaykoum, two special cocktails designed for several people, which respectively bring the magical tea rituals in front of the golden architecture of Prague and Morocco. Strictly served, ça va sans dire, in special bespoke taps. The traditionalists who just can’t get away from their (good) old habits don’t have much to worry about: there is a battalion of the great classics of the Best of MAG that are always available.  Like the legendary Negroni del Marinaio, backed by Japan, Farmer’s Punch, Asia Mule and #FARMILYDAIQUIRI3. There are also the non-alcoholic versions of the Moscow Mule and Gin Tonic, for the quieter ones.

La drink list Primavera Estate del Mag Cafè - Milano

If this is not enough, for each drink that rapresents a destination, there is a section dedicated with the useful information of the place mentioned, with extras accessible by scanning a QR code that refers to Instagram pages: built ad hoc and managed by the crew itself, to create communities and dispense advice for your potential next route.

La drink list Primavera Estate del Mag Cafè - Milano

In short, a varied menu that fully reflects the daily clientele makes this the temple of drinking in which the boundaries between creativity and alchemy can no longer be defined.


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