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Summer pools in Milan and surroundings

Freshness and suntan for weekends that dream of becoming holidays

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The heat has arrived to town. “They say it’s the fault of a summer like never before” … and paraphrasing a song by Malika Ayane, we can say that the summer is here, a few days in advance than usual, but does it matter? Each year the media are screaming of the hottest summer of the century, but the only certainty is that many of our most desirable vacation sites, be it the seashore, the mountains or anywhere else in the globe, seem too far away. So – to give you even a little breath of fresh air – we suggest the most beautiful pools in Milan and surroundings, where to find peace and refreshment.

Well, maybe peace during the weekend is not really the case… We get it! But with your feet wet even the biggest confusion can remain, for a few hours, just a back thought. Cooling down and getting some tan must be a mantra to be able to stand up to the stress! There are several private Sporting Clubs with elite pools and relaxation areas, the entry to which is allowed to the members or upon member invitation only. Of these ones, we could mention the Aspria Harbor Club in the San Siro area, or the Club David Lloyd Malaspina in the San Felice area, between Segrate and Peschiera Borromeo.

But if your friends and family don’t have strategic connections, here is our #flawlesspoollist to meet the needs of the young and old alike this summer.

Ceresio 7 – Pools and Restaurant

Via Ceresio, 7

Piscine all'aperto a Milano e dintorni


On the top floor of the Dsquared headquarter building, there is an elegant swimming pool with a panoramic view of the modern skyscrapers of the Milan skyline. An exclusive and relaxing experience, given the small number of people that can access it daily for a refreshing dip between a good cocktail by the pool and the kitchen proposals. Access is reserved for adults and the cost is inclusive of a cot, towel, drinks and other small cuddles that we leave you to discover. Open every day from 10 am to 5,30 pm.


Via Botta 18, Milano

Piscine all'aperto a Milano e dintorni


Bagni Misteriosi (‘The Mysterious Pools’) reopened inaugurating its third summer season. Born from reconstruction of the former Caimi Swimming Pool, they offer two large pools, one for the kids with low water level and one for freestyle swimming, much larger. The pools are surrounded by an artificial lawn area, showers and plants. The relaxing background music and the hammocks to swing in give a special aura to this pool / multi-purpose space adjacent to the Franco Parenti theater. The area is clean and very well-maintained, the teak-covered bathrooms make you want to immediately start renovating your bath at home, they are just so beautiful! There are many options for refreshment for your delight.  Closed on Tuesday.


Via Carlo Marx 18, Opera

Piscine all'aperto a Milano e dintorni


Golf Club le Rovedine is located further along Via Ripamonti, close to Noverasco – Opera. A very nice and quiet pool, adjacent to a golf course. The entrance here is therefore allowed only to those who take lessons, even without a membership, and their friends. Ask around, I’m sure you will find someone you know who is learning the secrets for a perfect Swing. Alternatively, this may be your opportunity to try some lessons on the golf course, then take a rest with a nice swim in the pool and an aperitivo at the bar! The area is also available for private events. Open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.


Via Achille Grandi 46, Peschiera Borromeo

Piscine all'aperto a Milano e dintorni


At the gates of Milan, inside the Gardanella Sport Village there are three swimming pools immersed in the greenery of the park. “Laguna” is the Caribbean swimming pool made of bio materials and natural colors while another pool is located right on the lake. The perfect alternative for a day of relaxation in the open air not far from the city center. In the summer village there are also areas equipped for sports activities: beach volleyball, basketball and paddle. Open every day from 9,30 am to 7,30 pm.


Via Ampère 20, Milano

Piscine all'aperto a Milano e dintorni


Built in 1929, it bears the signature of the architect Luigi Secchi and is dedicated to the well-known Italian gymnast: here is her Majesty the Piscina Romano, which after important redevelopment works, has returned to welcome customers with a new look that has interested above all the changing rooms and the solarium area. The interventions have been meticulously cared for so as not to invade the beauty of the original architectural structure, which we all know well, and its historical value. Open every day (except Wednesdays) from 10am to 7pm.


Piazza Risorgimento 5, Cernobbio

Lido di Cernobbio - Como


Do you want to unplug and maybe spend the day relaxing in the luxurious surroundings not too far from Milan? The Lido di Cernobbio on Lake Como could help you. The pool, equipped with elegant sun loungers, gazebo and everything else you need to enjoy a relaxing holiday, will not let you regret not being on vacation. The view on the lake and the mountains here is very special. There is a restaurant where you can dine at the end of a sunny day, or have lunch with the street food menu designed by the young chef of the Lido. Luckily, they’ve also thought of the little ones, with a special pool. Open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.


Via Giorgio la Pira 16, Concorezzo MB

Piscine Milano - Acquaworld


Acquaworld is a true water park, mostly indoors, and therefore perfect for winter. But it can surely host you during the summer months, because of course there are outdoor pools with sunbeds for you to enjoy. For those of you who have children, bringing them here is like getting them a gift. Actually, in between waterslides, pools with the waves, the river and the miniWorld (a fun submarine with pools full of fun water games and octopus-like slides) your kids will no longer want to hear about going home. The park is very spacious: from one enjoyable bath to another with hydromassage, the day will fly by.  Open every day.

Novotel Milano Linate

Via Mecenate, 121

Piscine all'aperto a Milano e dintorni


Until the end of July, at the weekend it is possible to enjoy the four-star hotel swimming pool by booking brunch in the green oasis of the structure. PicNic is a brunch on the lawn with lots of pillows, pallets and wicker basket. The basket, prepared by the hotel’s chef, has all the basics for a perfect picnic on the grass: sandwich, savory pie, cold pasta or salad, a small dessert, fruit salad and drinks. In addition to enjoying a delicious meal outdoors the format includes a cot and free access to the pool. Saturday and Sunday from midday to 7 pm. 

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