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Milan’s sweetest Christmas gift boxes

This year put a little sweetness under the Christmas tree

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Christmas is a time of gifts, it’s true, but who said that a gift must necessarily be an object or a gadget? In addition to being traditional gifts, in fact, panettone and other sweets are also a passepartout for those presents that you want to choose without too much effort.

Fortunately for us, the Milan’s offer in this respect went well beyond the basic concept of the gift basket. What the best patisseries now propose are real objects of aesthetic value, the signature of brands that are also a guarantee of quality and beauty, as well as excellent taste. Thanks to these patisseries, giving sweets as presents will no longer be like saying: “I do not know what to give you”, but it will become a: “I love you. And for this I’m, giving this to you”. What we propose, of course, comes from the best of the best of Milanese patisseries, historical places, with a consolidated name, with which you do not bet anything: you just win.

Zaini Milano

Via Carlo de Cristoforis, 5


A chocolate shop with an important name (Luigi Zaini was the founder of the oldest chocolate factory in Milan as well as the patriarch of a family that has kept its name and quality standards high), Zaini Milano has a Christmas assortment for every type of gift. The best of the best is of course the jute sack that you can fill with pralines, jams and, of course, the panettone; or the wonderful wicker basket to be filled with the best Zaini products. And for the little ones? Look for the advent paper cottage, with a little chocolate behind every window, or the edible nativity scene in gelée candy in a glass jar. Everyone at home will be happy, until the dentist’s bill arrives.

Pasticceria Marchesi

Via Monte Napoleone, 9


An historical meeting place of the Milanese aristocracy, Marchesi is a city establishment since 1824. Its panettone (as well as its pandoro) has been one of the most delicious of the entire city for something like a hundred years. But why limit yourself to panettone when you can give chocolates, confetti, jams, creams, sweets and even precious oriental teas? The Marchesi gift packs are of pastel color and have a certain retro touch with their refined boxes that will make your gift very classy and, above all, greatly effective, just like the Marchesi products.

Pasticceria Cucchi

Corso Genova, 1


A benchmark of the Milanese panettone for decades, Pasticceria Cucchi s less oriented to chocolate production tout court and closer to traditional pastry with its cakes, its bignolate and the wonderful miniature pastries. When it comes to gifts, Cucchi is distinguished by the sobriety of its packagings: essential boxes that bear the colors and the name of the family business allowing themselves only a simple ribbon as a decoration. The Cucchi sweets are like this, simple, good in themselves, and they do not require frills or excessive designs to shine. Their gift boxes alone transmit all the values ​​of tradition and high quality of the Cucchi house.

Eataly Milano Smeraldo

Piazza Venticinque Aprile, 10


Difficult not to find your perfect gifts in this monument to Italian gastronomy. The options, of course, are many. And, hoping that you keep yourself between the lines of tradition (after all who would like to find foie gras and caviar under the tree?), We suggest one of their twenty-six wonderful and original gift-boxes that summarize all the culinary traditions of winter festivities. Not only panettone and sweets but also bottles of wine, preserves, cotechino and lentils, risottos and gourmet pasta to accompany the gastronomic condiments. And if the food doesn’t interest you that much, you can always take one of the three gift boxes in the catalogue dedicated to body care with hand-made soaps, citrus bubble baths and organic creams.

Pasticceria Cova

Via Montenapoleone, 8


The famous customers of the Pasticceria Cova are not few: Giuseppe Verdi, Giovanni Verga and Arrigo Boito were only the most representative but the list does not stop there. Since 1817 Cova has been synonymous with quality and selection. Its desserts are produced only with the best raw materials processed by the hands of the most experienced professionals. Boxes and gift baskets follow the same strict aesthetic standards: packaged by hand, with the possibility to choose between colors and nuances ad hoc for an optimal and, above all, unique presentation.

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