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The Backdoor43 Magazine

The official newspaper of the smallest bar in the world that fills the city with irony and curiosity

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When you’re in front of a big cooking pot, intent on reading and measuring out the right ingredients to pour into it, something eccentric and unusual always seems to appear during the mixing. We imagine this more or less so every time Flavio Angiolillo and his crew decide to change a menu, create a new format, or give a unique twist to the Mixology universe. The MAG Cafè Family (which includes Iter and the 1930 Speakeasy) have combined to create something new, this time with Backdoor 43.


With Backdoor 43 being officially named the smallest bar in the world (4 square meters of intuition), we were surprised by their opening, dating back not too long ago, rendering us spectators to a sort of revolution: the Drink-Away became a quality experience, Mr. V found the way to our hearts with his halo of mystery, and “drinking on the street” turned into a form of rebellion against the constraints of chairs on the premises. A unique way, in short, to share the evening with friends, live, and see the city. 


Their latest development is called “The Backdoor43 Magazine,” a monthly newspaper as small as the place from which it takes its name, but branded with the same inexhaustible creativity. From January 2019 onwards, on the 10th of each month, you can pick up the magazine for free (or simply browse through it) at one of the Angiolillo squad’s cocktail bars. Inside, there are as many as 10 columns that address a range of topics written and edited by the members of every bar’s staff under a pseudonym, with a touch of irony that never hurts.


You can read the recipes of Nonna Cenzina, finding inspiration for your next lunch or dinner party, discover what Coratino’s satirical horoscope has in store for you (try not to get offended if it’s a little tough on you), or get passionate about a TV series or film you have not seen yet thanks to the reviews by Emifoglio in CineFoglio. For pure entertainment, there are funny inserts in the Angel Share section by Coccinella that interviews people in the city, while music lovers find their happy place at the Music Behind the Door column, among the pearls of Mr. Nutless who, with song titles and curious facts, tells you about the tunes that enliven Backdoor43.


Fans of rebus will find bread for their teeth with Torroncino’s riddles (write the answer on Instagram and if you guess it right, you win a prize), while Lady V gives advice on what to do in the city center of Milan. And if the Demeteo di Angelo is a calendar with the weather, local events, and saints of the month, Questa mia Milano, in collaboration with the blog of the same name, keeps you updated on the places to be and must-taste gastronomic stops to keep an eye on. To cap it all off, La nota di Blossom, signed by Blossom, reveals the relationships between major historical figures and the urban landscape of Milan.


If you are tingling with anticipation or are just too busy and can’t get the magazine in time, know that there is a solution for you: check out their Instagram page (Backdoor43 Magazine) to peek at the cover (every issue’s cover is designed as a mosaic on the home page) and take a look at what’s new inside the issue!


For the time being, what we clearly recommend is to take the opportunity to leave the house, go have a cocktail with your friends, and have a laugh with “The Backdoor43 Magazine”!


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