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Flavio Angiolillo: the bartender that conquered Milan

A quick interview with one of the contemporary mixology icons

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Flavio Angiolillo, born in ’84, Roman by birth and French by adoption. If you still don’t know his name, this is a good opportunity to catch up, also because if you’re looking for excellent bars in Milan, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up drinking in one of his cocktail bars, one time or another. You might have even seen it, if not behind the counter of the Mag Cafè or while coming and going from one of the five clubs of which he is a partner, at least behind the television screen, in the program “Mixologist – The cocktail challenge”.

Flavio Angiolillo

Flavio has traveled all over the world, collaborating with distinguished chefs and increasingly enriching his own gustatory culture, which he then applied (and further expanded) with the daily practice of mixology in that first place that grew into three other bars spread throughout the city, all different from one another: the 1930 Cocktail BarBackdoor43 and Iter. All this to make you understand that Flavio is more than enterprising: he is a visionary. It’s his creativity and that of his team, true Avengers of good drinking in Milan, the lymph that flows in the veins of the many projects that just from Mag Cafè, the central nucleus and supreme headquarter of the whole, take their moves.

Flavio Angiolillo

Recently the team (composed, besides Flavio, by Marco Russo, Andrea Dracos, Francesco Bonazzi, Fabio “Benjamin” Cavagna and Carlo Dall’Asta) presented a line of spirits of their own creation, all grouped under the label Farmily Spirits, whose appearance had already enticed us and not a little. The youngest addition to the family is the Amaro Farmily, a “botanical bitter” designed not only for cocktails but also to be tasted pure, as it is, by the final customer.

Flavio Angiolillo

We tasted it and we loved it, so we decided to ask some questions to the man himself. Here’s how it went.

Can you tell us why and how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a bitter?
The legend that customers are looking for traditional bitters is not true, that’s why we decided to go against the current and create a fresh, lovable and soft product. A bitter that once defined, has satisfied all our tastes; and from the success it is enjoying, it seems our customers are satisfied too.

The Amaro Farmily has something special. Can you describe it?
Surely there are some details that make our bitter irresistible. For example, the touch of mint that gives freshness and the softness given by the combination of cocoa, coffee and rhubarb. Then… oh well we can’t just tell you everything.

What is the best way to taste it and with which elements is best?
We recommend to taste it ice-cold and smooth (without ice). It’s a product that goes well with sour, bitter and obviously sweet flavors.

It can also become part of a cocktail: can you give us some advice on the drinks you can make with this bitter?
Exactly, our bitter can be safely used as an ingredient to compose many cocktails. Surely it goes well with Campari, whiskey, almond and lime. It’s a very versatile product.

Where can our readers find it today and where will they be able to taste it tomorrow?
The Amaro of Farmily can be tasted in all Italy. To buy it you can contact Ghilardi Selezioni or go to one of our bars.

Thank you very much and good luck for all your future projects by the editorial staff of Flawless Milano!


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