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The Best Delivery Services in Milan

The Top Ten Delivery Services for Staying In

Spending long hours within the walls of one’s own home is a little practiced divertissement for the Milanese doc , accustomed to hectic schedules and races against time to participate in business meetings, last minute appointments and essential expenses. In Milan, the city that never sleeps, many – perhaps too many – are the activities that mark our days in a whirlwind of multifaceted signs and addresses and dedicating “home” time is almost a rarity. But when unplugging from everyday life becomes a must, a domestic cuddle in delivery format will be your ally for a perfect stay, proof of a desperate housewife. 

Make room for technological devices: multifaceted “click-to- step ” solutions will fulfill your wishes, comfortably from the sofa at home. Online supermarkets, delicious (and healthy) culinary proposals at home, perfectly washed and ironed clothing, unobtainable drugs, cocktails already mixed ready to be sipped and convenient deliveries directly to your door will guarantee you a regenerating break from the tireless Milanese capital. Here is our selection of the best delivery in Milan : after trying them, you can no longer do without them!


I migliori delivery di Milano

Whatever your loyalty card is, Supermarket 24 will go shopping for you: abandon the heavy bags, the bottles of water and the endless queue at the checkout. Simply select the name of your supermarket on the screen, indicate the desired purchases and in a few clicks the required products will arrive at the established address, in the time slot you prefer. A quick and effective help, at a time of a fridge always ready to satisfy the home culinary desires, between gastronomic inspirations and comfort food. Precise and punctual, as the Milanese frenzy requires.


I migliori delivery di Milano

Last minute dinner planned or an inevitable desire to accompany a gourmet aperitif with an excellent glass of wine? Whether your choice falls on sparkling bubbles, robust reds or fresh whites, Winelivery will bring the most suitable bottle to your home in less than 30 minutes. DOC or DOCG labels from the Bel Paese, natural, organic and sulphite-free wine, from small producers who seek the high quality of raw materials and local flavors. And for beer lovers, crafted variants all to sip await only your order.


I migliori delivery di Milano

Glovo and Deliveroo think about sudden hunger attacks, the Food Delivery services par excellence that allow you to satisfy your culinary desire thanks to a rich selection of tasty menus: Asian, Japanese restaurants, traditional Neapolitan pizzas or stars and stripes burgers, recipes from the Bel Paese or gastronomic tours to distant lands. But there is no shortage of sweeter proposals, for a tasty snack or a delicious end of the meal, including ice cream, cakes and pastries. Pause the stove and let yourself be pampered by the best kitchens in the city.


I migliori delivery di Milano

Legal hemp at home? JustMary “rides” to your aid. The first 100% “green” delivery service, which allows you to receive your order (anonymously) in just 45 minutes with impeccable quality, at a time of a cutting-edge product, with guaranteed delivery from 6 pm to midnight. Cannabis, gadgets and accessories, CBD products, creams, oils and vaping – liquid directly to your door, without leaving the walls of your home.


I migliori delivery di Milano

Sip a good cocktail in Milan “to drink” is certainly not a challenge, conquered by the signs of mixing that crowd the neighborhoods of the city nightlife. But when the domestic routine requires a full-fledged break and the bartender who knows the recipe of our favorite drink is at work at his counter of wonders, NIO transforms the living room into a special cocktail bar. Simply select the desired mix on the website, fill a glass with ice and wait for the bell: shake the bag and pour the contents … cheers!


I migliori delivery di Milano

A refill of drugs just a click away, thanks to Pharmap, a delivery service that will deliver your dose of well-being and health within an hour. An effective remedy for those unobtainable products or those days spent at home at the mercy of seasonal ailments, which do not allow you to reach the bright green cross closest to you. Simply select the address and the point of sale where to collect the drug, which will be delivered to your home, with a wish for a speedy recovery. And if a prescription is necessary, Pharmap also takes care of the latter’s withdrawal from the doctor, without stress.


I migliori delivery di Milano

Shop in the green countryside directly from the sofa at home with Cortilia, the online agricultural market that delivers fruit, vegetables and food in delicious personalized boxes. A wide selection of food and wine products will reach your home thanks to a truck with logo, following the seasonality and freshness of the day. Let yourself be inspired by creativity in the kitchen or rely on the combinations designed by the Cortilia team for a stove-proof trolley and then select the time slot for delivery. You just have to wait for your load of flavors and aromas directly from nature.


I migliori delivery di Milano

If you are looking for a tasty and balanced meal, Foorban is the Food Delivery that will satisfy your appetite and the search for well-being. A daily selection of healthy proposals prepared daily with excellent raw materials, with the right nutritional intake that will conquer the papillae and pupils. Pasta, soups, meat and fish main courses, side dishes and desserts to accompany cold teas, smoothies and centrifuges for an energetic refill, proof of demanding palates. A lunch break in a perfect combination of taste and lightness.


I migliori delivery di Milano

Whatever your desire at home, Walà will make it for you in a few clicks: a floral bouquet to be delivered for a special occasion, the cigarettes that you have finished too quickly, the crunchies that your four-legged friend has devoured earlier than necessary . Look for the nearest store or your trusted sign, the rest will take care of the runner who will take charge of the purchase, to be paid comfortably on delivery or via app. Et Walà, the game – or the delivery – is done!


I migliori delivery di Milano

Between clothes that accumulate on the chair and piles of shirts to be ironed, your wardrobe needs a real refresh; Uman comes to your rescue, offering you a series of home-based services that will restore prestige to every item of clothing. Laundry, ironing, tailoring and shoemaking are accessible through technological devices every day, at all hours, guaranteeing a pick-up and delivery service in the preferred time slot. You can also donate an unused garment to charity, after a careful washing and care of the materials. A “nice and good” service, truly irresistible.

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