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The best gluten-free restaurants in Milan

Delicious places, where taste and health go hand in hand

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It’s been years since we’ve heard more and more talk about Celiachia (eng. celiac disease). That’s not spelled CILIACHIA or CIGLIACHIA. Still many have not realized that Celiac disease is a serious matter, so serious that in some cases can also lead to very serious consequences if the affected subjects do not pay careful attention to what they eat.

Fortunately, there are also forms of intolerance to gluten or leavened dough. I approached this world out of choice and out of necessity, having a baby with a gluten-related disorder. A gluten-free diet has, therefore, become a habit for me.

Here is a small list of restaurants and cafès that are sensitive to this subject. Some of them are AIC-certified (Italian Celiac Society – editor’s note), others have gluten-free menus but do not rule out other offerings. Common sense and informativeness about the subject always come first.

GLU FREE BAKERY | Via Gian Galeazzo 6 – Via Curtatone 6


Love can move souls and the world, and we know it well. GluFree Bakery was born in 2014 out of love: a young Catanese guy got together with a girl, who had celiac disease, in Milan. So he invested in what he thought could be a way to hold his loved one tight. GluFree Bakery was born as a bread maker in Via Curtatone, a small street near Crocetta. And here we also find the laboratory. For about a year a much larger store in Via Gian Galeazzo (Navigli area) has been open, with about 70 seats. On the menu, of course, fragrant bread, of any shape and size and will leave you in awe of its taste and presentation. There are Sicilian specialties (cassata and cannoli) or international favorites such as muffins and cookies. Then still pizzas, biscuits and Sicilian orange (or arancini, which deserve a dedicated article) proposed in six different tastes. All strictly gluten-free. Open from breakfast until aperitif, with free wi-fi service, there is the possibility of your gluten free treat delivered to your doorstep for just 5 Euros. Sweet and slightly salty, AIC-certified.

BE BOP | Viale Col di Lana 4


BeBop was the first pizzeria where you could hear “gluten-free” about 20 years ago. It is located near the XXIV Maggio Square in Col di Lana Avenue and its gluten free proposal is in the years increased and greatly improved. There are so many pizzas, both gluten and lactose-free. As in the restaurant menu, a plate like the Milanese “elephant ear cutlet” is also suggested in a gluten-free version. A family-friendly restaurant, a simple and well-kept environment, with a verandah garden, Be Bop has for years been a choice for all, with celiac disease or not. Open daily for lunch and dinner and AIC-certified, it is the ideal place for those who want to take a break from a stroll in the neighboring Navigli.

LE SPECIALITÀ | Via Pietro Calvi 29 Milano

Le Specialità - Milano

Established in Milan 40 years ago, Le Specialità is a pizza restaurant located in the area of “MilanoBene” so beautiful and colorful to discover the “Garden District”. I often don’t trust pizza restaurants, thinking that the kitchen should be dedicated to either one or the other, but there are still exceptions. Here everything is very well made, both pizzas – very large and thin, baked in stoves with wood and offered in more than 50 options, almost all of them also present in gluten free version – both with meat (grill is a specialty) and fish. The environment is warm and welcoming, wood prevails in the furnishings, and white and elegant tablecloths make it feel familiar and chic at the same time. AIC-certified.

JOIA E Il BISTROT DEL JOIA | Via Panfilo Castaldi 18

Joia Milano

Joia, home to the Chef Pietro Leemann, is within the circle of restaurants close to my heart. Also because here I can safely come with my child – wheat-intolerant – knowing that he will be able to leave full and very satisfied! Not only is Joia the temple of vegetarian and vegan starred cuisine, but it is also especially focused on celiac disease. So gluten-free bread – made strictly in-house – and gluten-free dishes are different. For a lunch or dinner at a lower price, then there is a possibility to sit at the Bistro, a restaurant in a restaurant. For the days when you really want to treat yourself. Not to be missed.

SO’RISO | Via Milanofiori c/o Centro Comm.le di Assago


So’Riso is a catering concept created by the family owning the brand Scotti. A brand linked by generations to the culture of cereals and rice in particular. Rice is an excellent naturally gluten-free grain. That is why this bistrot is ideal for those who have a passion for rice and also a problem of gluten intolerance. Very creative and well-balanced delicious dishes are made available daily, for lunch and dinner. Davide Oldani, a celebrated starred Italian chef, collaborated on the project, also creating rice waffles served during the aperitif. So’Riso is also a bar cafeteria, the environment in Corso Magenta is truly original and modern, full of ceramics, bricks and pastel tones. A great wine list.

PAN PER ME | Viale Montenero 57

Pan per Me - Torta

A small and minimalist spot with a charming interior, Pàn Per Me is a pastry-bakery-bistrot with gluten free cuisine, which uses a mix of different flours (buckwheat, whole rice, teff, millet etc) to get sweet and salty baked goods of absolute taste and nutritional balance. Each week the small menu varies: first courses, salads, sandwiches and salty pies, as well as desserts to accompany your lunch, are always different. Instead, Sunday is dedicated to brunch – four proposals, all gluten free. Almost a rarity! Homemade lasagna, fresh pasta, cakes, gourmet panettone and all of the offering can be ordered for take away. My favorite table? By the window with the swing. Refined and fun.

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