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The ceremonial season starts at REVEST

High fashion is displayed on the hangers of the most beautiful wardrobe in Milan, where you can find your dream dress for that special occasion

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It is a room hidden among the streets of the city center, only accessed by appointment. It is a softly colored environment, composed of a palette of pink, green, and golden tones. With velvet and fresco walls, and open spaces where you can sit and discover what can come out of the wardrobe of wonders, we are at REVEST, the kingdom of Constance Beretta. A private room with the soul of an atelier, REVEST is the crossroads of the best luxury brands from around the world.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

REVEST was born from intuition: why sell or buy, when you can rent? It is an idea that has taken shape, persuading the inhabitants of the fashion capital of its genius. It allows you to make space in your wardrobe, while wearing clothes and accessories from the biggest names in fashion. Imagine clothes that seem to have materialized directly from your most impossible dreams: Valentino and Elie Saab, Balmain and Balenciaga, among others, including Missoni, Ermanno Scervino, Alberta Ferretti Versace and Alexander Wang.

La stagione delle cerimonie inizia da REVEST - Milano

Fashion is art and movement, history and charm. Every occasion has an essential dress code to adhere to, and this time of year is without a doubt the season of ceremonies. We are in the period between May and October, where, together with the daily mail, cream-colored invitations are delivered, capable of arousing a crescendo of emotions: from the initial joy (“Finally they’re getting married!”), to frantically searching for the perfect dress.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

A refined sense of aesthetic and an attitude towards the search and enhancement of beauty are necessary to dress a woman and make her shine. This is what happens during the one-on-one consultation at REVEST. When you book an apppointment, you can say what the occasion is that you need the dress for. Whether it’s for a wedding in the morning, in the mountains, or an evening ceremony, REVEST can guide you in your choice, and as if by magic the dress that was shaped by your imagination will materialize in front of you.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

The magic happens in the REVEST private room, where a selection of enchanting dresses specially designed for the occasion await the customers. Like a boutique that opens its doors only for you, at REVEST the pieces proposed are with the times, accompanied, of course, by shoes and accessories of the latest fashion. A succession of precious fabrics are able to interpret the mood of those who will wear them. In the most beautiful wardrobe in Milan, among haute couture and refined details, the ideal of sophisticated elegance reigns supreme, and the Milanese can only be bewitched by it.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

Fashion and style intertwine to define personality and attitude. A put-together outfit is like a declaration of intent and tells who we are even before words are spoken. And Milan has an intimate connection with the world of fashion; the inhabitants of the fashion capital are always waiting for the opportunity to walk an imaginary catwalk, feeling fabulous in dreamlike clothes. This is a dream now within everyone’s reach, thanks to REVEST.


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