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The first Milanese gin tonic at home with GIASS

From now on, the Milanese London Dry gin can reach you wherever you are thanks to Deliveroo

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Forget the constraints of chairs at the bar, the crowded outdoor areas, the “drama” of rejected reservations, and the “outings” turned stressful and expensive. Now, everything is just a click away! If you suddenly have an overwhelming desire to drink an excellent gin and tonic (and we stress excellent) while you are at home, at work, or at a friend’s house, know that Deliveroo can deliver you a solution in less than 30 minutes.

Giass - Milano

The most pressing matter that we need to talk to you about, a nugget of information that’s essential for your budding aperitivo plans, has to do with a Milanese gin brand’s special partnership with British delivery service giant by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. GIASS and Deliveroo have recently become an inseparable couple, whose shared mission coincides with the promise to give customers a full experience when it comes to their beverage service, combining quality, comfort, practicality, and originality.

Giass - Milano

Whenever you need a drink, grab your PC or smartphone to order a GIASS cocktail kit designed for at least two people from wherever your night takes you. The kit comes with Goldberg tonic water, two glasses of ice and, of course, Milanese gin. All you need to do is sip your drink in total relaxation whenever and wherever you prefer, but strictly in good company!

Giass - Milano

GIASS, for those who are unaware, is a story that began about two years ago, a tale that has its roots in a (seemingly) normal evening with friends, full of chatting and good drinks. That fateful day, Andrea and Simone Romiti, Richard D’Annunzio, Francesco Niutta, and Francesco Braggiotti, while sitting at the same table, decided to turn their shared passion for aperitifs into an ambitious project. Between brainstorming sessions and (much like in blockbuster films) absurd experiments along the way, their idea has become a concrete reality, one that lights up the Milanese night sky with its distinctive gold and black letters and dons prestigious awards like accessories for their drinks around the world, including the SFWSC.

Giass - Milano

Although the name is derived from the Lombard dialect and stands for the word “ice,” the drink is in fact the first London Dry gin in Milan. The drink is a result of the team’s creativity and the meticulous research by their professional barman, D’Annunzio, who found their perfect formula by constantly inventing and experimenting with different combinations in his kitchen, and even sometimes using a dishwasher instead of a distiller (yes, you read that right). The fruit of his labor became an excellent product with a complex and authentic soul, typically served on the rocks or bottled in stylish packaging. The flavors are balanced and multifaceted with the aromas of 18 different plants, selected and placed in unusual combos, along with their mysterious “nineteenth essence” which rounds out an already eclectic composition.

Giass - Milano

For quality drinks, you no longer need to look outside the walls of your home or office. From now on, raise your drinks high and toast to every moment with GIASS.


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