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The Most Romantic Bistros in Milan

Love and good food for an unforgettable tête-à-tête

In the city that never sleeps, every occasion is good for falling in love. It makes no difference whether its quick glances on the metro commute to the office, love at first sight during informal dinners with friends or dream meetings during a glamorous night out. A decadent dinner will surely charm the heart (and taste buds) of someone special to you, with atmospheric locations, attention to detail and gourmet delights.

Whether it’s a romantic comedy moment, a rendezvous with an old flame or a “sweet escape” from hectic everyday life: whatever your urban love story is, the most romantic bistros in Milan will amaze you. Between an excellent glass of wine and a stunning gastronomic experience, you’ll have the night of your life.


Via Matteo Bandello, 14

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

A successful mix between design and gastronomy, created by the famous gallery owner Rossana Orlandi with the culinary tradition of the famous brand, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia. This is a refuge where you can breathe art, design and a passion for good food. Here, time seems to stand still, between kaleidoscopic wallpapers, floral patterns and bright colors. An à la carte menu gets its inspiration from the regions of the Peninsula, in a succession of whimsical creations to be savored slowly, in the name of conviviality.


Piazza Erculea, 2

Exit Milano - Gastronomia Urbana

This is an urban cloister inserted in the silent setting of Piazza Erculea, a few steps from the nerve center of the center. Matias Perdomo, Simon Press and Thomas Piras, souls of the starry Contraste, have chosen a typically Milanese gourmet menu. With small tables in Venetian Briccole wood, placeholders in “grè strain,” and a large open kitchen, this restaurant reflects a deep attention to detail. Here there are no clear separations between the courses, at the gastronomic journey builds according to your desires. This is surely a romantic tête-à-tête that’s out of the ordinary.


Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

This is an atmospheric bistro, where Milanese elegance and allure are reflected in a location of the past. Velvety seats, burgundy colors, bookcases and antique mirrors stand out in the warm light of vintage lampshades and appliques. A delicate scent envelops the kitchen, which is dedicated to quality meat, with particular attention to game. Make sure to accompany it with a glass of red wine from the prestigious local cellar. Take a seat at an elegantly set table, and for a moment you can imagine Giacomo Bulleri chatting with the most historical regulars in this authentic Old Milan lounge.


Via Scaldasole, 7

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

In a hidden courtyard a few steps from the effervescent Porta Ticinese, you can find Sixième Bistrot. Plants, bricks, concrete, wood and design are the stars of this location with its industrial-chic style, wrapped up in a romantic almost surreal atmosphere. Here, Mediterranean flavors meet in a game of different contrasts and textures. Let the mixologist charm your taste buds with a cocktail made to perfection. You are sure to have a toast suspended in time.


Via Privata Bobbio, 2

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

At Langosteria Bistrot, the most authentic flavors of the sea will conquer your senses, in a whirlwind of courses where freshness and excellent quality are combined with the intense colors of the Mediterranean. In a glamorous atmosphere, with great attention to detail, Enrico Buonocore – patron of the great Langosteria family – is the bearer of refined hospitality, in a location where soft colors contrast with the carmine red of the stools. A large counter dedicated to the catch of the day welcomes diners. Here there’s a menu with genuine and seasonal flavors. However, the King Crab is sure to always hold a place of honor.


Via Comune Antico, 15

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

From starry vegetarian cuisine to a lovely bistro in Greco: Cinzia, Giulia, Sara and Caterina have made a big dream come true. They now can present their cuisine – initially born as a catering service – inside an old Milanese oven. This is a new and intriguing experience, where you can taste the most authentic flavors of the earth. Don’t forget a romantic toast with a completely natural glass of wine.


Via Palestro, 16

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

Where the carriages of Villa Reale and  an ancient lemon house both once stood, LùBar has opened a wonderful winter garden, inspired by the most authentic Sicily. With a graceful déhors that welcomes summer evenings, the interior space of this bistro mixes green plants with white marble, in a delicate and romantic atmosphere. It’s all enclosed by large windows overlooking the internal courtyard of the GAM. A decadent menu alternates between fresh pasta, arancini, panelle and meat and fish dishes. In addition to this, you can finish your meal with the inevitable cannolo filled with fresh ricotta right before your eyes. A place that unites the truer Trinacria with Milanese glamor, in a combination of hospitality and culinary dedication.


Via Tortona, 28

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

A Florentine essence and atmospheric location distinguishes this elegant bistro from the rest. From the waters of the Arno, to the Milanese capital, the Fontani family has brought the intense flavors of Tuscany to the city. Their menu starts from tradition but welcomes the contemporary. Exposed bricks, velvety seats and warm light from exquisitely retro lampshades evoke an atmosphere of the past. On top of this, the walls are covered in black and white photos dedicated to the most beautiful women. This bistrot serves as a real tribute to good food and genuine flavors.


Via Forcella, 2/A

I 10 bistrot piu romantici di Milano

This spot is “away from the madding crowd,” as Thomas Hardy wrote. Separated, thanks to the work of some magic, from the babelic chaos in which we live, Les Gitanes possesses timeless elegance. The aesthetic is somewhere between concept design and a 1950s lounge. The most obvious feature is the colors. Black and white alternate on the walls like the design of a Doppler effect. The menu is narrow and refined, as befits all those restaurants that invite their guests to share their vision with them. Here you’ll find an experience where you can enjoy a precise and determined aesthetic.

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