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The secret garden of Casa di Gaia

The custom-made terrace of your dreams can finally take shape

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La Casa di Gaia is the kind of place that only connoisseurs of taste know. Hidden in a courtyard in Via Vincenzo Monti, it holds fabrics, curtains and wallpapers, but above all inspiration. That’s because Elena, the hostess, architect by trade but creative by calling, welcomes her guests into her home gracefully, ready to amaze them with the imagination and sophistication that distinguishes it.

Il giardino segreto della Casa di Gaia - Milano

Two quick reasons to visit Elena could be to freshen up the house or to get some new ideas for the children’s bedroom. But in June, in the minds of the Milanese (especially those who will spend most of the summer in the city), a primitive instinct for survival emerges, leading city dwellers to desire outdoor terraces rich in flora and fauna, with scattered pillows and plush seating. 

Il giardino segreto della Casa di Gaia - Milano

Upon opening the main door of Via Vincenzo Monti 12, you can hear the typical rustling of fabrics and textiles; but if you look a little further, hidden much like the courtyards that this city cherishes, Elena has created a space halfway between garden and urban jungle. Surrounded by flowers and bamboo, it is the ideal place to take a break, be inspired, and tell her that her terrace is just like the one we have dreamt of all our lives.

Il giardino segreto della Casa di Gaia - Milano

Whether it’s an open balcony or a small garden, a private backyard or a lofty terrace, this is the place to get your fill of creativity. It’s considered the realm of tailor-made customization, expressed in the choice of any kind of fabric for the outdoors. With carpets and cushions, padding and upholstery for chairs, deck seating, sofas and lounges, at Casa di Gaia the spaces wear their most beautiful, tailor-made stylings, ready to transform your outdoor space into a personalized oasis of peace.

Il giardino segreto della Casa di Gaia - Milano

It’s not just a matter of choosing a color and applying it to your surroundings, however, but rather the beauty is in the details, bold combinations, and floral varieties of the setting. Since the decor is meant for the outdoors, it is essential that the materials withstand the most varied weather conditions. In this early summer, we have already had a taste of how fickle the Milanese climate can be!

Il giardino segreto della Casa di Gaia - Milano

Even the smallest concrete square on your roof can become a secret refuge or oasis of peace where you can stop time, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day’s work. Walking past the storefront windows of Milan’s gallerias, while there are many outfits that catch our attention, they will never compare to a tailor-made dress that’s perfect for you. Isn’t the same true for the rooms in our house?


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