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Top Missori

A stone’s throw from the Duomo, an unexpected proposal that mixes flavors of tradition and experimentation with an exceptional winery.

Fun: this is the word that best describes Top Missori restaurant. The owner enjoys selecting bottles for his vast and prestigious winery, the kitchen staff is no less, playing with colours, flavours and textures, should it be less enjoyable an experience for the diner? Absolutely not. Obviously, for things to work, as in this case, the basis of fun must necessarily be passion, know-how and technique.

But let’s start from the beginning: Top Missori, as its name suggests, is located in Piazza Missori, a central and prestigious location, but also a double-edged sword. The Milanese, in fact, unless worth it, hardly choose to dine under the spires of the Duomo, because the coolest food districts are elsewhere. Here it is considered too touristy, and there is no parking. But Top Missori is really worth it, as the many regular customers know, they have chosen it especially for its incredible wine offer, and for some months now, also for its gastronomic experience. Imagination, aesthetics and technique blend perfectly in a menu that has nothing to envy to that of the most famous fine dining signs, while the restaurant’s gastronomic proposal shows synergy between national and international flavours, contemporary suggestions and…some gambling. The kitchen team is not afraid to experiment, they sprinkle coffee on the cacio e pepe, propose a ménage à trois between pumpkin, gorgonzola and sweetbreads, and accompany the deer shoulder with a cup of juniper and cinnamon broth, adding then a small mushroom amuse bouche to recall the flavors of the forest.

Among the dishes not to be missed there are the Cappellacci stuffed with onion, savoy cabbage, prawns and extract of mussels in red, a true concentrate of sea that is able to enchant taste buds and transport us directly on a “trabucco”. Another one worth mentioning is the pigeon chest with roasted wing, offal-stuffed confit pigeon leg, grilled semolina and eggplant with pesto, which declines in a personal way a dish of popular tradition now adapted to gourmet proposals. Anyway, do not expect to go to Top Missori and find these dishes exactly as we describe them or as you see them in picture, because the chef changes something every day, depending on availability and imagination; besides, as we said at the beginning, you’re here to have fun.

Even more so if you can taste one of the 500 labels on the wine list: a wine heritage selected with criteria and foresight, ranging from champagne to great wines of the Italian tradition, including also prestigious vintages, as well as niche names, only for connoisseurs. The nice thing is that you can order all these wonderful delicacies in a single glass thanks to the Coravin technique, which allows the sommelier to pour wine without uncorking the bottle.

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