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Waterbeat Society

A fitness experience that feeds your mind, body, soul and Instagram!

Waterbeat Society will get your mind and body right each time you visit, and give you a great Instagram as well, worthy of jealous friends who will ask you where you are. Nestled behind the Duomo, arrived a trendy, new and fabulous place to get in shape. Ever heard of indoor cycling? Think of that, but in a pool. Hydrospinning, also known as hydrobiking, combines indoor cycling with aquatic exercise, giving you an intense and meaningful workout, and break in your busy day. We, at Flawless Milano, decided to give this new and highly specialized workout a try!

Waterbeat Society - Milano

When you arrive, not only will you be greeted by a friendly staff, but you will be welcomed by their neon signs, reading “Be a hydrolover,” when you first enter the store, and “Waterbeat Society,” in the relaxing lounge area next to the hydrospinning room, and by a tropical wallpaper that will make you feel as if you are biking to the Caribbean.

Waterbeat Society - Milano

Offering four different types of hydrospinning classes, Waterbeat Society is committed to finding the best workout to fit your goals and needs. The Waterbeat Sculpt class is perfect for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their 45 minute class. While mixing spinning with upper and lower body movements, this class will tone all parts of your body and get you in shape for your next big event or for that dress you have been dying to wear.

Waterbeat Society - Milano

The music and the instructors, who are nice to look at by the way, energize and motivate you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and work towards a better, and more toned, version of yourself. Electronic dance music guides your warm-up and workout, while calming and relaxing current songs will move your cool down and stretching at the end of the session. The staff is very friendly and helpful, offering you water shoes to use on the bikes, towels, a locker room with eight showers, five hairdryers and any beauty product that you may need after your workout, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and makeup remover, just to mention a few. The locker rooms are also equipped with a bathing suit dryer and storage for your belongings, featuring a customizable pin pad lock, so you can be sure your personal items are safe, and let your mind flow freely during your workout.

Waterbeat Society - Milano

Waterbeat Society’s owner, Hanane Fellah, really has thought of everything to make your experience personal, worthwhile, and feel like an escape from your hectic life. Offering three different types of massages, all aimed at helping you look and feel like the best version of yourself:  lymphatic drainage, palper rouler or the classic deep tissue. Whether you visit alone or with friends, Hanane and her team will be happy to welcome you for your first class or a much needed massage. A few tips for your first class, though: bring your swimsuit, a good attitude and be ready to dive right into the wonderful experience that is Waterbeat Society.

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