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5 Niche Shops in Turin

Vintage, streetwear, urban and design

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It is hard to resist shopping in Turin. Through its streets the eye is easily lost between the signs and shop windows of haute couture boutiques, cheaper brands, shopping malls, and antique markets. The temptation to put one’s hand on your wallet often becomes so strong as to cause the good intentions of only spending a few minutes looking to disappear.

And yet, if you are “easily persuaded,” curious, or a shopping addicts, it makes no difference. What matters is that you are searching for different and unusual clothes, accessories, and household items: these niche store addresses are just for you.


Via Maria Vittoria, 28/G

Parrott and Palm - Torino

Parquet in light wood, velvet armchairs, vintage and exotic furniture wallpapers are the background for accessories, clothes and decorations for sale. Matching perfectly with all the curious objects scattered around the halls of the store. Parrot and Palm is the “home” of Lucilla. A multi-brand research atelier to be searched from top to bottom while looking for a new sweater, a gift for someone special or indulging in a selection of products from international brands. The selection includes Made in Italy and emerging designers.


Via Dei Mille, 30

Bagni Paloma - Torino

A space of 100 square meters obtained from an old garage that Alessandra, the owner, was able to furnish with innovation. Bagni Paloma is a unique design in where you can find objects, furniture and furnishings of any kind, all with a historical background behind them. Find anything from handmade shoes, black pepper dishwashing detergent, cabinets and industrial aluminum with candles by the Parisian ceramist Astier di Villatte. Don’t miss the chance to have a coffee or a snack break here.


Via Po, 1

FRAV - Torino

FRAV, a franchise of shops located in the center of Via Po, is for all avant-garde streetwear and urban lovers. Born in 1996 in Turin, the most famous avant-garde and unconventional brands gravitate in its universe (Cheap Monday, Vans, MCQ BY A.MCQUEEN, 5 PREVIEW, to name a few) and pieces by young independent niche brands. A beacon of style and social life of the city.


Via Accademia Delle Scienze, 1

Hannibal Store - Torino

Minimal decor is the master, designed specifically to highlight the lines and styles of the items displayed on the stenders that run along the walls dotted with photographs, skateboards and paintings. The glass and wrought iron tables house books and objects. Hannibal Store is the most well-stocked streetwear and sneaker store in the city, embracing all-round street culture.


Via Pomba, 29

Charly Vintage & Flowers - Torino

CHA.RLY vintage & flowers is similar to a time machine that can teleport you directly to your preferred era, from the 20s to the 90s. The owners, Arianna and Carlo, are attentive cool hunters who, thanks to continuous research in markets and fairs around Italy, England and America. They continue to bring clothes, accessories and unique items to Turin, making them new again. An Eden for lovers of retro.

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