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Since the 80s: classic and at the same time rock'n'roll, Paolo is the barber of Turin

In Turin, Paolo Barrasso is practically a legend. His fame comes from across the Channel so much so that BBC has recently dedicated an entire episode to the so-called “Italian Style”. Characterized by care and elegance without too many frills, this men’s salon spans the decades without ever going out of fashion: Barbiere Paolo.

Several subcultures of the Turin scene have passed under his hands. From the rebellious Punk crests of the ’80s to the cuts of the so-called “mod”, more classic and elegant. Barbiere Paolo is a real institution that still today continues to be a center of attraction for new generations looking for expert scissors and razor blades for their own beard or cut.

An artist, Paolo began to handle the tools of the trade in ’68 at the current shop in Via San Secondo. A stone’s throw from the Porta Nuova station. He started by helping his father in the family shop but at he was curious about the new fashions he saw in the international newspapers. In the flamboyant 80s his friends begin to ask for cuts in fashion, which Paolo managed to replicate perfectly. Done strictly in secret from his father who didn’t understand these certain extravagances.

There are many other stories to tell because Barrasso has really gone through the decades with scissors and razor blade in hand, meeting the tastes of Turin. The fact remains that today his salon is synonymous with care and quality translated with the techniques of the past. The beard is done strictly with a warm cloth, brush and razor blade and the atmosphere is the one that you could find in the barber shops of the past. A meeting place to converse, read the newspaper and take some moments of pure relaxation entirely dedicated to self-care. Barber Paolo maintains exactly that old school style that today more and more men are looking for.

The genuineness of this workshop is truly unrepeatable and Paolo will give you an equally unique experience always with the sympathy, taste and class that distinguish it.

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