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Vintage atmosphere, old school cuts and everything you could want for a beard.

It looks like something from the 50s, when passing in front of the window of the barber there were groups of men intent on chatting, reading the newspaper and obviously shaving their beards. Machete Barber Shop takes a bit of that philosophy giving life to a space for true contemporary gentlemen. The only difference is that once, a barber would not leave any hair on your face, now instead he is a true designer beard craftsman.

In the heart of the Piedmontese capital, set among regal nineteenth-century buildings, you will notice the bright illuminated windows of a warm yellow light coming from inside. Outside the classic white, red, and blue “barber pole” indicates that things are done here in the traditional way, where old fashion stands for attention to detail, care and love. Barbering today is a bit like rummaging through old grandparents’ trunk, letting yourself be carried away by the stories of the past. It means bringing back old traditions, refining them, improving them and making them excellence. The recipe of Machete is the voice of design and style of vintage furniture for a place entirely dedicated to man and his care. Here one can feel welcomed and pampered.

Every type of need is listened to and satisfied for a tailor-made treatment that always meets the client’s wishes. But if you are not sure what you are looking for, let us advise you starting from the vintage style cuts that Machete offers: from New Yorker, The Ted, or the military-derived Flat Top Boogie. Let yourself be enchanted by the most classic stories and fashions that never go out of style. Finally, the focus of this barbershop, the beard. Which is celebrated here through a real old-fashioned ritual. Razor blade, warm cloth, oils, creams and perfumes. This is a moment of relaxation in which to fully enjoy an all-male rite from another era that continues to fascinate.

Machete is a brand with a very strong identity that enjoys great success in many cities of Italy (you can find shops in Rome, Florence, Milan and soon Verona) to demonstrate the fact that more and more men want to have a space for relaxation and care of themselves. Whether shaved, with a long beard, a simple mustache or a Dali, treat yourself to a visit to Machete and be cradled by their skilled hands. Experience the old-school charm of an increasingly fashionable tradition.

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