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Vineria Tre Galli

The emotion of Piedmontese culinary art in an atmosphere across the Alps.

The Vineria Tre Galli, the youngest sister of the famous Tre Galline restaurant, was the pioneer of what today is one of the most populated neighborhoods in Turin’s nightlife, the Quadrilatero Romano. A classy environment, an excellent gastronomic menu and an exceptionable wine list make this restaurant high class gem for true connoisseurs.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to eat and drink well you must come here. There is no history that takes, in the city everyone knows that this is one of the gourmet quarters par excellence and the name (together with the aforementioned Tre Galline) speaks for itself. It is since 1977 that the Three Gauls offer great cuisine and excellent drinking in a French bistro atmosphere, elegant but without frills. We do not find tablecloths but nice chopping boards resting on lacquered tables: zinc and iron abound, as well as the light wood of the shelves full of books of all sorts. The atmosphere that you breathe is informal but at the same time chic and the attention to detail is clear.

At Vineria Tre Galli you will find the best of Piedmont from aperitif, to dinner until after dinner. Choose from a wine list that has more than 1200 labels of excellence to accompany your aperitif based on regional tapas (very far from the “saucers” served in traditional piola): raw meat, anchovies with green, selection of meats and cheeses and so on. Do not miss even the elegant and refined dinner, which boasts a decidedly seasonal menu gourmand: from the traditional veal with tuna sauce, also creamed salted cod and squid to the plate with cream of peppers, mushrooms and anchovies arriving to rabbit tuna pappardelle, capers and black olives and semolina shells with chickpeas, mussels and Arnad’s lard. Icing on the cake, a challenge for Hamburger lovers, the royal Cheesburger with Sheep Blue or Hard Bra.

The Vineria Tre Galli is very attentive and thinks of you even after the meal with a glass of wine, a special spicy vermouth, liqour or a great cocktail.

We are telling you this but we repeat it again: ladies and gentlemen, here we eat well! Now you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences turin has to offer.

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