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  • Be Bop
    Viale Col di Lana 4, Milano

    I like pizza. A lot. Some people don’t like it while some people can’t digest it at all or can’t eat it and suffer a great deal even when...

  • Cow Burger
    Via Giuseppe Ripamonti 19, Milano

    Milan is not short on burger joints. Perhaps it is unsurprising that, in a city this obsessed with setting new trends, it can often seems that a new burger restaurant...

  • Potafiori
    Via Salasco 17, Milano

    It’s 18:00. You’re at the office in front of your pc and you get a last minute dinner invitiation. You don’t want to show up empty handed? “Just a...

  • Pasticceria Gattullo
    Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 2, Milano

    When I was in college Gattullo bakery stood out as the most sophisticated café in the area. As a freshmen, I remember standing there with other shy students admiring the...

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