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  • Romoletto – Pizza Bianca & Supplì
    Corso di Porta Ticinese 14, Milano

    The supplì in Milan is a utopia for the real Roman, expatriated from the capital of Italy to the capital of fashion and finance. As the rumor spread, the...

  • Mascherpa
    Via Edmondo de Amicis 7, Milano

    Milan. Colonne di San Lorenzo. A Saturday afternoon walk and a sudden craving for dessert… That’s how we discovered Mascherpa, small but refined refuge for the tiramisu and coffee lovers, a...

  • Felice a Testaccio
    Via del Torchio 4, Milano

    Expectations are an incredible weapon. They have the ability to stir up the mind, generate easy enthusiasm and cause profound disappointments. Entering at Felice a Testaccio in Milan, with all that baggage of...

  • Hygge
    Via Giuseppe Sapeto 3, Milano

    The pleasure of small gestures, of daily affections, of authentic feelings: Hygge is all this and so much more. Hygge is a type of lifestyle that arrives to Milan from Denmark in a restaurant...

  • Design Republic
    Corso di Porta Ticinese 3, Milano

    Design Republic has been opened for a couple of years, a few steps away from Colonne di San Lorenzo, one of the most sparkling areas of Milan, and it’s a new...

  • Bodega del Tasca
    Corso di Porta Ticinese 14, Milano

    Bodega del Tasca is a very friendly, no frills venue. Here you can taste some of the great Spanish tapas, or knock back a glass of wine, sangria or...

  • Rugantino
    Via dei Fabbri 1, Milano

    That desire to get away with your mind and taste buds, without really going too far, that desire for the easygoing, happy-go-lucky roman style that gets you to go...

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