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Pizzeria Street Food

Romoletto – Pizza Bianca & Supplì

Roman street food in Milan

The supplì in Milan is a utopia for the real Roman, expatriated from the capital of Italy to the capital of fashion and finance. As the rumor spread, the new two-window bistro, Romoletto, was stormed.

Romoletto - Milano

I went there with a Roman Roma FC supporter and a Roman Lazio supporter. And for once, the unanimous judgment, that put them in agreement: “it seems to stay in Rome“. The restaurant is very pleasant, fresh and elegant, the white lacquered wood stands out in the seats, at the counter and in the signs.

Romoletto - Milano

The hanging menu lists with grace the three types of dishes: white pizza stuffed “alla pala”Roman pizza in the pan and supplì al telefono. The choice of fillings has the popular price of Roman ovens and the taste is perfect. Romoletto street food knows its stuff. I tried the white pizza stuffed with shredded chicory of the field with chilli, divine, Roman pizza in a pan with pumpkin flowers and anchovies, tasty and then again the Roman red sauce with Puglia tomato and olive oil, simple as irresistible .

Romoletto - Milano

While we were there, we asked for a variant not in the menu, thus testing the courtesy and desire to support the Romoletto’s customer: white pizza, fresh chicory, crispy bacon, pepper and a sprinkling of pecorino romano. It was not in the menu, in fact, but the ingredients were all present and their desire to try a variant requested immediately put them to work creating a true masterpiece of taste.

Romoletto - Milano

For the supplì you can choose between the classic Chianina ragout, with sauce and cheese and pepper. The Roman friends were delirious and guarantee the absolute goodness of the product made to perfection. The Sicilian friend, while explaining the arancini and telling the diversity of products, has recognized the quality, the northern that is in me, for which the risotto is strictly al dente, she is not a great admirer, but  i have to say that it was excellent.

Romoletto - Milano

Romoletto is the place that was missing, to feel in Rome even if you are at the Colonne di San Lorenzo in Milan.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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