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  • Beergarden
    Via Porro Lambertenghi 19, Milano

    In the heart of Isola there is an oasis ready to welcome you at any time of day. Do not be fooled by the name. Beergarden is indeed a...

  • Ajo Blanco
    Via Thaon di Revel 9/a, Milano

    There are places that represent a fixed point in the chaotic life of aperitifs, dinners and after dinners (we categorically refuse to include in this list the so-called apericene)....

  • Frida
    Via Antonio Pollaiuolo 3, Milano

    Writing about Frida is very difficult. First of all because it is an institution, a place that has changed the history of the neighborhood in which it took place, Isola. Precisely...

  • Ambroeus Milano
    Via Pastrengo 15, Milano

    In the heart of the Isola district, known for the mix of innovation and tradition it represents, there is a shop that captures the interest of the most romantic...

  • Il Santa: the protagonist of Isola Design District
    Via Melchiorre Gioia 37, Milano

    Per leggere quest’articolo in italiano, clicca qui. It defines itself as a modern bistro even in its name, but Il Santa, at Palazzo Lombardia, is much, much more than that. Those who...

  • Wooding Bar
    Via Garigliano 8, Milano

    It’s clear that we’re living in a new golden age of mixology. The old coke & rum in a plastic cup is now a heresy, and we have become...

  • Pourquoi Pas Lab’s paper paintings
    Via Tito Speri 1, Milano

    Per leggere quest’articolo in italiano, clicca qui. Do you remember Pourquoi Pas Lab? We talked about it a few weeks ago. A small shop that we had discovered near Corso Como and...

  • DMK – Daniela Mola’s vintage design
    Via Medardo Rosso 6, Milano

    Per leggere l’articolo in italiano, cliccare qui. We’ve already talked about that little, marvelous place that is DMK – Daniela Mola, when it was decorated for Christmas. Marvelous, first of...

  • The igloo houses of Villaggio dei giornalisti
    Via Lepanto, Milano

    Between Isola and Greco, behind the Central Station, there is a historical district of Milan, Maggiolina, which includes the residential area called the Journalists’ Village. A walk around here will...

  • Stelvio
    Via Sebenico 14, 20124 Milano

    In a gastronomic landscape more and more devoted to fusion and international kitchen, finding a place where to enjoy the true DNA of Lombardy’s cuisine becomes harder every day....

  • Pourquoi Pas
    Via Tito Speri 1, Milano

    Entering Pourquoi Pas, in via Tito Speri 1, right behind Corso Como, means opening up your mind to the fantastic world of Francesca Meana, the young owner, a universe imbued...

  • DMK – Daniela Mola
    Via Medardo Rosso 6, Milano

    Once upon a time there was DMK Daniela Mola, a shop that sold handcrafted design items made by Daniela and her life and work companion Ingo Knuth. Today DMK moved in the new...

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