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Pourquoi Pas Lab’s paper paintings

The "Mists" series celebrates the peace of nature with customizable and refined works

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Do you remember Pourquoi Pas Lab? We talked about it a few weeks ago. A small shop that we had discovered near Corso Como and that had immediately fascinated us with its paper design items. This is the very specialty of its owner and creator, Francesca Meana: the art of manipulating paper and crafting  beautiful decorative objects with it. But Francesca’s talent extends far beyond simple decorations: at Pourquoi Pas you will find books, jewelry, mini-planners, unique stationery items and, above all, paintings.

The paintings had especially struck us. Some of them were works by Francesca herself, others by contemporary artists Riccardo Raul Papavero and Stefano Bolcato. And among the works of Francesca, those about the meaning of the flowers had surprised us most, firstly because of the study and the passion that had led their author to create them (Francesca is actually a fan of the flower language), but above all for their absolutely original form.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

The paintings are backlit and thanks to Francesca’s ability to cut out and overlap the paper these objects more than simple paintings. Now, our artist has decided to exploit even more the infinite potentialities that derive from this play of layers, textures and lights, creating a series of backlit paper paintings, called “Mists”. These are natural landscapes, in which the silhouettes of the natural elements (trees and animals) seem to gradually emerge out of a mist thanks to the superposition of various levels of paper.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

In addition to their strictly artistic value, the intent with which Francesca has created them is the desire to communicate a truth, a feeling that visually concretizes itself in the delicacy of the landscape shrouded in mist. A sense of peace that only natural spectacles like this can communicate, whose magic Francesca wanted to channel into her creations.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

But do you want to know what’s the best thing about all this? Francesca is an artist who communicates, works with and always meets the needs of customers. In other words, all of her works are customizable. When you’ll visit Pourquoi Pas you can discuss with her every detail of your painting, an obejct that will be yours and only yours, a unique piece created especially for you.

Pourquoi Pas Lab - Milano

This is one of the many reasons why you should visit Francesca in her workshop, a real forge of ideas, where the world of paper design will open its doors for you and create every day more and more precious moments.


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