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  • Excelsior Hotel Gallia
    Piazza Duca D'Aosta 9, Milano

    An architectural jewel of the city, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan has always been considered one of the most exclusive hotels in the country. Formerly known as...

  • Hotel Magna Pars Suites
    Via Forcella 6, Milano

    The Magna Pars Suites Milano is a treat for all the senses. Let’s start with the sense of smell, because being the world’s first Hotel a Parfum is what...

  • Armani Hotel Milano
    Via Manzoni 31, Milano

    Armani Hotel Milano exhibits all the sophistication and elegance you have come to expect from Giorgio Armani. Armani’s whole style is contained in this repurposed building hailing from the Rationalist era of...

  • Palazzo Parigi
    Corso di Porta Nuova 1, Milano

    “Space, light, order: These are things men need as much as bread or a place to sleep”, said master architect, Le Corbusier. These are things Palazzo Parigi provides in...

  • Oasis

    Milan is not a city renowned for its natural beauty. Its magic lies in its hidden courtyards and terraces. It’s in the fog that clings to its low buildings. It’s...

  • Villa Milano
    Via Alessandro Manzoni 23, Milano

    In the luxurious via Manzoni in Milan there are two shop windows which stand out, windows of a small treasure chest that hides unexpected joys: Villa jewelry, a magical...

  • Flagship Store Pisa Orologeria
    Via Verri 7, Milano

    We are in the heart of the city, at via Verri 7. Right here has just been opened the new flagship store by the most famous multibrand of Milan: Pisa Orologeria. One of...

  • Boutique Rolex by Pisa Orologeria
    Via Montenapoleone 24, Milano

    Via Montenapoleone 24. Whether you start your walk from San Babila rather than from Via Manzoni it occupies a strategic position in defining a link between the two brands...

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